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My ‘friend’ can build me a website. Why should we hire you guys?

As any design agency who’s been around for a while can tell you, it’s the objection heard ’round the world – “Why should I hire you guys my (insert – friend, uncle, dad, brother, sister, cousin, dog, foreign outsourced agency) can build me a website for only xxx dollars?”

First off let me say hey, I like your friend (even though I’ve never met him/her nor do I know if this friend you speak of actually exists) but let’s be realistic – why give your hard earned money to your ‘friend’ when you can help pay for Adster’s new ‘Luxury Wing’ complete with water fountain, pinball machines, massage chairs, a giant marble sculpture of myself and maybe, MAYBE even a washroom.

All jokes aside, I’m confident that your designer friend, developer dude or web ninja has the skills and internet pedigree to build you the website you want. However what your friend MAY be lacking is the experience to build the website you NEED.

Well … technically speaking ….

Does your friend know anything about having a crawlable sitemap, proper meta keywords, descriptions and titles? Do they know how to build a robots.txt file, KML sitemap or rich snippet code for your businesses phone number, address and official business name? How about adding content? Did your ‘Uncle’ set you up with a content management system? If so what kind? Do you know what it does and how it’s intended to be used?

If you’ve been following our Education Video Series (if you haven’t been – shame on you) you will have seen Dave (airbrushed to the nines) discussing that having a website is only half the battle and that building the ‘right’ website, or at least the ‘right’ website in Google’s eyes, is what’s most important.

The ethics of, uh… err… business?

To all friends, uncles, grandfathers and friends of friends – we apologize. It isn’t our mission nor do we intend to take away from the ‘family business’. We just want to work on a level playing field and make sure we’re delivering on all fronts – even if that means stepping on a few toes.

As I said before it’s time to shake things up so if you wanna get things done the RIGHT way – give us a call (I’m just playing Battlefield 3 anyways)