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Edmonton Website Hosting

Adster Creative offers our Edmonton based clients a dedicated, high-performance Canadian server with “good neighbors”. Every site on our server is carefully monitored, ensuring safety and security of all sites, with a limited number of clients on one server. As an Adster hosting client, your site security is monitored 24-7 and assessed monthly.


Premium Website Hosting Services in Edmonton:


What's Included in my Yearly/Monthly Hosting?

1. Dedicated Website Hosting in Canada. Your website is hosted on a dedicated AWS (Amazon) Cloud located in Eastern Canada managed by Ntirety. Our server is shared with select, managed clients.

2. Daily Website Backups & Storage. All contents of the server and your individual website are backed up daily, and 7 days' worth of data is stored securely in AWS at all times. In the event of catastrophic loss, we will restore your account from the latest backup made at no charge.

3. Technical Support Up to 15 minutes of phone/email support per month for troubleshooting. Unused support does not carry over to the next month. If there are unforeseen issues with the website (WordPress only) due to a plugin, patch, or module Adster Creative installed (excluding externally maintained developer plugins not listed on the Plugins page on Wordpress.org), we will fix and update at no charge. If there are unforeseen issues with the website (non-WordPress) due to an update that Adster Creative made, we will fix the issue or restore the pre-update backup at no charge, if reasonable.

4. 24-7 Up-Time Monitoring Your website is monitored for downtime. Our team will work with you to remedy security or technical issues. If these repairs fall outside of your 15 minutes of monthly support or our regular maintenance, additional fees may be billed.

5. SSL Certificates & HTTP Security Lifetime upkeep and automatic renewal of SSL certificates as long as you’re an active client and hosted within our environment. In partnership with Let’s Encrypt our certificates are generated free of charge, and we only charge for the initial setup, installation, and automation.

  • Most vendors will only issue a certificate for a limited period (i.e. 1 year). After which a new certificate needs to be bought and installed, creating a repetitive process for your team.
  • Adster installs a certificate issued for 90 days and implements an auto-renewal procedure upon the domain which reinstalls a new certificate a week prior to expiration.
  • Additionally, once an SSL certificate is installed we update the redirection rules for your website serving all content over HTTPS (secure protocol i.e. when you see a lock beside your URL in your browser window) as Google penalizes websites for duplicate content, in this case serving a website on HTTP & HTTPS.
  • 6. Domain Registration, Hosting, and CMS Access. Adster will assist clients in registering their domain if required. We will recommend a vendor for purchasing a domain. Adster does not register domains on behalf of clients as a domain for a website should be registered to the client. We can be a technical contact, but neither the admin nor the billing. This ensures that you will hold access to your domain as long as you continue renewing the domain through the vendor.

  • Ongoing maintenance of underlying architecture - Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc.
  • Supported websites are integrated into our CMS management application to roll out core, plugin, and theme updates quarterly (WordPress only) as well as check for existing security vulnerabilities. For each update, changelogs are read and Adster ensures operation of the website after installing an update.
  • A malware scanner is also set up and notifies Adster monthly on security issues that may be affecting your site.
  • 7. Protection & Security Learn about the security features on Amazon's Cloud security here and here.


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    General Hosting Information

    Adster Creative offers our clients a dedicated, high-performance Canadian cloud server with “good neighbors”.

  • Every site on our server is carefully monitored, ensuring safety and security of all sites, with a limited number of clients on one server (e.g 500 clients vs. 5000 clients located on the same server, which may affect your website’s performance).
  • Speed and performance are monitored and assessed monthly.
  • Traditional hosting providers such as GoDaddy may be cheaper upfront, but generally, these companies lack the local support, enhanced security and stellar performance that Adster provides and our clients demand.
  • Find the full Amazon cloud specs on Amazon here.

    Through Adster, the Amazon Cloud also includes these enhanced threat management & detection measures to minimize downtime via:

  • Next-Generation Firewall with Policy Management
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Managed Intersite VPN
  • Network-Based Antivirus
  • Core Threat Detection Module
  • Payload-Based Signature Protection
  • Edge ML-Powered Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Edge ML-Powered Malware Protection
  • URL Filtering
  • DNS Filtering

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