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At Adster, we can utilize a paid social media campaign for your Edmonton based business, custom tailored to your needs and identify unique opportunities discovered in our website audit & digital strategy phase. The end result of this personal interaction instills feelings of loyalty and trust, while increasing your website traffic! Currently, our team manages paid advertising campaigns on popular social outlets like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN!


Facebook Ads, LinkedIN Ads, YouTube Ads & More


Why Paid Social Advertising?

At Adster, most of our clients in Edmonton wish for their paid social campaigns to be integrated within a more all-encompassing digital marketing program. Whether we're promoting a post or running a targetted ad campaign there are dozens of reasons why social media marketing can be vital for the health and prosperity of your business.

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Primary Measures of Success

At Adster, our primary measures of success for paid social advertising encompass a variety of technical details (ad relevance, frequency), platform specific metrics (engagement) and traditional digital marketing metrics like macro (phone calls, email leads) and micro conversions (time on site, downloads of white-papers).

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Google Partner

What does it mean to be a Google Partner? It means the Adster team is recognized by Google for our ability to maximize client campaigns via Google Ads. We also get access to exclusive education opportunities, access to support via Google's support team. See our company profile for more.