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Search engine optimization helps to increase a website’s visibility and rankings in the organic search results. This is the main driving force of increased website traffic. SEO marketing is targeted, customer-centric, and custom to every business. An effective SEO strategy will put your business in front of relevant searchers and generate high-quality traffic for your site. If your business needs leads quickly, many of our clients in Edmonton supplement their SEO programs with a professional Google Ads campaign, which we can also help with!


Edmonton SEO Company

Edmonton SEO Services & Digital Marketing

Search engines rely on bots to crawl websites, collect information, and index website pages. Algorithms then analyze those pages and use several different factors to determine how these pages should rank within the Search Engine Results pages (SERPs).

  • These algorithms are constantly changing.Google makes minor updates to their algorithm daily!
  • SEO marketing is the work that focuses on optimizing a website to appeal to these algorithms, resulting in the website ranking higher in the SERPs, and ultimately leading to an increase in website traffic.
  • A good SEO strategy is much more than simply adding keywords throughout your content

FAQ: How Much Does SEO Cost in Edmonton?

It's difficult to give an exact figure, as there are many variables when it comes to search engine optimization. We do custom pricing based on your needs and goals. A safe range is approximately $1500/mth to $3500/mth depending on your specific situation.

Our team put together a resource on SEO pricing. Read up on SEO pricing for Edmonton businesses here.


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Edmonton Search Engine Optimization Services by Adster Creative

As an Edmonton SEO agency, Adster Creative provides a variety of different types of search engine optimization. Each component plays a role in a business SEO campaign to help increase organic traffic, improve site rankings, and increase lead generation.

Here are just some of the SEO services that our team of professionals offer:

1. Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO encompasses the wide variety of SEO work that can be performed on your website. This includes both visual changes, such as adding a new page, and technical changes, such as removing redirect chains. All of these can help improve the performance of your small business website.

Our team uses various paid and free SEO tools to help our clients receive the best results.

2. Website & On-Page Optimization

Website optimization is a broad category of on-site improvements aimed at increasing website traffic, and user experience among other things.

The powerful SEO and organic search tools our team uses help us understand user behaviour and how your customers interact with your website. From there we can make data-informed decisions on what site changes to make. Sometimes this means conversion rate optimization, making new landing pages, or specific technical SEO tactics. Just like our pricing, it’s always custom!

3. Link Building

A quality link building strategy can boost website authority by obtaining high authority links from citations, directories, news outlets, and other relevant, industry-specific websites. We always aim for high quality, ethical websites - none of that negative SEO here! We’ve honed our link building best practices over the years and are always up to date on new link building trends.

4. Local SEO & Google Business Profile

Local search search engine optimization focuses specifically on impacting the local search results. This can include optimizing a business’ Google Business Profile, on-page content optimization, and building local citations.

5. Content Creation

With the support of our website optimization work, our team determines what content your site is missing and aims to fill in the gaps. This helps your site appear for more organic search results which can lead to more business!

6. Account management

While technically not an SEO tactic, our meetings with you are crucial to your campaign’s success. We update you on what we’ve been working on and check in to see if any of your goals have changed.


Our Edmonton SEO Process

1. Needs Assessment and Information Gathering

Our Edmonton-based sales team will reach out to you to learn more about your small business, your marketing goals, and why you are interested in working with us. This information helps our strategy team understand your unique needs and what you hope to get out of a SEO engagement.

2. Website Audit

Our team manually performs an audit of your website and your brand’s online presence. Each audit is custom and results in a tailor-made digital marketing strategy that we review with your team.

3. Phase 1: Website Fixes and Campaign Setup

Our team will execute the recommendations made in your custom SEO audit and build campaigns for Google Ads Management and/or search engine optimization.

4. Phase 2: Custom Ongoing SEO Engagement

Phase 2 is when your SEO package begins! Our team will conduct regularly scheduled website optimization, technical reviews, link building, and other SEO-related tasks to help your business achieve your marketing objectives.

Let our team boost your business to the next level! Contact Adster today!

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Google Partner

What does it mean to be a Google Partner? It means the Adster team is recognized by Google for our ability to maximize client campaigns via Google Ads. We also get access to exclusive education opportunities, access to support via Google's support team. See our company profile for more.