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Updated 2023: Top 10 Canadian Citations for Local Businesses and Search Marketers!

Updated January 2023 – The following list I’m going to share with you, my fellow small business owners and local SEO’ers – I’ve compiled myself over the last 10+ years with the help of many of the industries brightest. It may not be ‘news’ to some of you, but others may mind find a gem or two in here worth sharing or using in their arsenal.

For those of you who aren’t sure what citations are, read up on them here.

Top 10 Canadian Citations

Andrews Top 10 Citations for Canadian businesses in 2023 are …. *drumroll*

1. YellowPages – Booooo! You love to hate them, but ‘Yellow Bird’ has a lot of weight and authority in the online industry, and in many cases, a Yellow Pages listing (even if unclaimed) can create an unclaimed Google My Business listing all on its lonesome.

  • Note that CanPages will be created once you create a Yellow Pages listing. If you have incorrect information with CanPages, you’ll need to update your YP listing first, and within 2 – 3 weeks it will update.

2. Maps.Apple.Com – Why does Apple have to dominate everything?

3. MapQuest.com – New to the list for 2022

4. Yelp – In my experience, claiming/updating a Yelp listing can be a giant pain in the butt, but this one’s important. I really wish this wasn’t on the list, but, it is and I’m not even saying that ‘cause we have negative reviews or something (although, if you want to leave us a few kind words … by all means).

5. BBB.org – Not only can you get a link from these guys if you’re a member (thank-YOU PR 4 do-follow link) but it can act as a killer citation even if you don’t have a paid listing. Ya just gotta ask reeaaaaaaaaal nice, ya know?

6. Facebook.com –  New to the list for 2022

7. n49.ca – N49 – everyone’s favorite!

8. Ibegin – Boring design – check. Directory – check. Useful citation – check! Grab this baby if you wanna get the ‘for realz rankings!’

9. Manta – Good GOD you didn’t go to Manta.ca did you? Those things are serious business.

10. Goldbook – If you pay for the ‘gold listing’ you get to watch the Gorilla play ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins like that sweet commercial!