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A Call from the Google Maps Team: Confusing? Absolutely!

UPDATED January 2023 – Verifying your business and calls from Google are much more straightforward than they were in 2010. However, for those that still get phone calls from Google Maps, let me know in the comments if you’ve had a similar experience!

A few months back I received a phone call from the Google Maps team regarding our address as it was listed in Google Maps. The funny thing is, we’ve had a few clients who have received similar phone calls, and even though I was aware of this – I was still a bit confused by who they were, and what exactly they wanted – apparently I’m not the only one.

Google Maps

Amidst all the confusion, we were in the process of planning the Google Engage Event we were hosting back in March, so at first, I thought it was a call from Google regarding either the catering, or schwag being sent out for our guests as you can hear in the phone call. Turns out, Google was choosing to ‘hide’ our suite number even though we have a claimed Google Places and Google+ Local Page and our map marker was located street level, on Jasper Ave instead of Enterprise Square where our office is located.

Check out the 3-minute phone chat here and let me know in the comments below if you or your clients have experienced this and what your opinions on it were:

Google Phone Call Transcription:

Andrew: Thanks for calling Adster. This is Andrew speaking.

Google: Hi Andrew, this is Nitsa. I’m calling you from Google Maps. Can you please help me out with the office address?

Andrew: Sure.

Google: What is it?

Andrew: What is our office address?

Google: Yes.

Andrew: Is this in regards to the Google Engage event that we’re hosting?

Google: No. I’m just trying to update the address for your business on the Google Maps so that nobody faces a problem reaching the business. That’s it.

Andrew: Okay. Well, our business address is Suite #4218, 10230 Jasper Ave.

Google: Okay. And what sort of business are you in?

Andrew: We do web design, internet marketing and search advertising.

Google: Internet marketing. Internet marketing. And what’s the other thing that you do?

Andrew: Web design. Google Adwords.

Google: Okay. And what exactly can I state your business as? Is it web services, internet marketing agency, search engine optimization company or social marketing agency? What exactly can I take it into?

Andrew: Well, we do all of that stuff.

Google: Okay. So can you just help me out with your website address?

Andrew: Yeah. It’s https://www.adster.ca is our website address.

Google: Okay. Can you please help out with the directions to reach the business? I’m actually able to this Manpower building.

Andrew: You want to go…

Google: Yes.

Andrew: Well, it depends on where you live. Sorry, just to clarify.

Google: Manpower building at Jasper Avenue.

Andrew: You want to see the which story? The map building?

Google:  Yeah. If you could just help me out with the maps. I’m able to see the Jasper building at Jasper Avenue NW. Are you from anywhere to that?

Andrew: Sorry. Just to clarify, because I want to make sure that we’re on the same page. We have a claimed and verified Google Places page, as well as a Google Plus business page, so my only question to you and I’ll give you all of this information, that’s fine. What’s the purpose of this phone call? What are you trying to identify? Sorry.

Google: Okay. If can just open the maps and look at the maps, sir. The marker of the business is on the main road. It’s not on the building.

Andrew: Oh, okay. Hold on a sec.

Google: If you could please coming to your business there’s a stop nearby to the main road. They’ll not understand which building are you located inside?

Andrew: We’re located in the Enterprise Square building.

Google: Okay. Oh. The one exactly opposite of the Manpower one, right?

Andrew: I’m just going to zoom in here, sorry.

Google: Okay. One second. It’s at the intersection of 103 Street NW and Jasper Avenue NW, right?

Andrew: Yeah. So I’m looking at the pin marker there and it’s on the street, so yeah, we’re on the corner of 102nd Street and Jasper Avenue. We’re in the… if you’re looking at the map, you can see where is says Enterprise Square.

Google: You’re there in the same building?

Andrew: We’re in that building, yes.

Google: Oh, okay. That’s the reason I was asking because, this is the reason I was just trying to update the marker, because if somebody’s coming to your business, then they’ll be stopping by that main road it says. They’ll be in confusion as to where exactly is the business located.

Andrew: For sure, yeah. We’re inside that building and there’s a whole bunch of businesses inside there.

Google: Okay. Thank you so much for the information provided, sir. Have a great day. Bye.

Andrew: Okay. Bye.

Confusing? Absolutely! Has your business received any phone calls like this? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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