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Adster Data Detectives: Google Analytics

As with many small businesses, online marketing and all it entails is often more than just one person can handle. From concept, to design, to implementation, to optimization, there are many subtle features that will be lost to anyone trying to do it all themselves. To put it simply, it takes a certain skill set to bring a site online and a completely different skill set to optimize a web strategy for maximum results. To get the most out of a web marketing campaign requires understanding the data, what I like to call being a data detective.

Many sites, and all those that are built by Adster utilize Google Analytics to provide insight into how users engage with a site, which traffic sources produce conversions, what pages are most popular and much more. Critical information that is needed to get the most out of any marketing budget. Google Analytics as you may already know is a powerful tool that provides the important data, but it has a little bit of a learning curve. It takes knowledge, experience and skill to be able to setup Google Analytics to gather all of the relevant data and then analyze it into actionable information. Usually more than the Analytics novice is willing or capable of doing.

Google Analytics AdsterOne of my favorite aspects of online marketing is diving into a sizable data set and connecting the dots to provide a guide by which to optimize a campaign. Applying logic to detect changes in traffic, measure how adjustments to a site perform, and uncovering the hidden gems that Analytics data provides is the goal when reviewing Analytics from the perspective of a data detective. Getting a 1% increase (or better) in a sites conversion rate, honing in on where the marketing budget is most productive as well as under productive, how visitors navigate through a site and what links they click to do so are just a few of the potential nuggets of knowledge that can have a long term positive effects for any online marketing effort.

The importance of web analytics

The possibilities to garner productive insights that can be applied to a web site or online marketing strategy from the data provided with Google Analytics is almost limitless. To sum it up, if you do not have a good grasp of Analytics and how to decipher the information reported you are working at a sever disadvantage.

At Adster, it’s sufficient to say that we take our clients Analytics data very seriously and go through painstaking processes to properly track and understand the data that Google Analytics provides. Regardless of how you are marketing online, be it with Adwords or any other Pay Per Click platform, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Email Marketing, or any other means; to get the optimal results that sets your web marketing efforts apart from the competition, you need the Adster data detectives! Dont be blinded by data, let Adster show you what critical information your Analytics data has  just waiting to be put to good use.