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The importance of Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter

I, like many of you kind of snubbed the whole `social media` thing at first. I thought it was ridiculous providing updates on a Twitter feed when I’m stuffing my face at McDonalds. `Hey guys, I`m at the mall eating a cheeseburger!`.

Believe it or not I was one of the last of my friends to create a Facebook and a Twitter page(true story) – the problem is now, I`m checking my Facebook every 5 minutes to see where my friends are, what they’re up to and what cool tech toys or neat products they just bought. Its bonkers!

Really, if you think about it – that`s what social media and social networking is all about. People use outlets like Twitter, Linked in and Facebook to share information about their lives, family, vacations they have planned and yes; products and companies they love.

importance of social media

Real life Application

Here’s a perfect example of how effective social networking sites can be. Let’s say for example you’re on your Facebook page checking out the ‘news feed’. Your good friend ‘Tom’ just bought a brand new motorcycle and has plastered his page with pictures of his new ride. He’s  on his Facebook saying how awesome his new bike is and how sick of a deal he got. You, as his friend comment on the pictures asking him some questions about the motorcycle namely – the price, and where he bought it. Hopefully Tom had a wonderful experience and recommends this dealership to you. Heck, if the company has a Facebook business page he may have been so thrilled with them he could have even ‘liked’ it which if you’re on his friends list, will automatically appear on the news feed section on your profile.

All in all the point is this. If you or any of Toms other friends are looking to purchase a motorcycle in the near future you will remember this company because of the wonderful service and price they gave your friend. What we’re getting at is this: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are a great way for your business to create social buzz, awareness and some online word of mouth.

Automation baby… Automation!

You can even sync up Facebook so it automatically ‘tweets’ your updates directly to your twitter feed. If you really want to get crazy you can sync up a YouTube Channel so that any video you post provides a ‘tiny url’ to your Facebook and thus to your Twitter page.