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The Adster Site Story or: How I learned to stop worrying and love our CMS

You know what’s pretty ironic? An online marketing and web design company without a website.

Like the renovation contractor whose home is always ‘under construction’, Adster suffered darn near 14 months before putting forth our own website.

Of course, this begs the question – Why? Who would do such a thing?

Truth is, we don’t really think that any of this online marketing truly works – and couldn’t afford it.


The Root of All Evil

Hmm…Maybe it was the CMS? Or the Client Portal (that still isn’t done). The virtual phone solution? Maybe it was the Reporting software? No…it’s the office. For SURE we need an office first. Err…wait…Gotta be the CMS. I mean, there must be an easier way to upload and crop an image, right. You bet! Oh…but a PNG…in Internet Explorer 7…on Windows XP…wait…

adster launch

O.k. so the real truth is that in addition to all that wonderful and mind numbingly frustrating stuff – we’d been so #*&$# busy hammering out killer sites and SEO for our clients, we haven’t been able to keep up.

A good excuse? Being busy is a good thing, right?

Not really. I mean…think about it. Faulty Systems and infrastructure = bad.

Indeed, we realized that we didn’t have the resources – or manpower – in place to do much more of anything…especially take on any new clients and provide the kind of service and results that we Adster Folk like to deliver.

Over Before it Began…Never!

The good news, is that over the last several months, we’ve been schoomzin’, fast talkin’, rubbin’ elbows, offering free massages, and have slowly managed to build up our team to a point where we are confident enough to offer up ourselves to the masses. Yay!

Now, whether or not this team gets paid anything more than the aforementioned backrubs remains to be seen.

I suppose, dear business-owner-in-need-of-a-revenue-generating-website, we leave that up to you.

We have the tools…we have the talent. It’s Adster time.

Cuz we’re ready – are you?