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Honey, I shrunk the Website Traffic…with 25 cent articles!

Business is burgeoning, and you’ve decided it’s time to step up your marketing game. You’re now in hot pursuit of the ultimate PWS. Translation? The Powerhouse Web Site. Your criteria are simple: it’s gotta be gorgeous, it’s gotta blow your competition out of the water, and it’s gotta be easy for your clients and prospective customers to find you. When somebody Googles “Joe’s Widget Shop”, there you are, in a nanosecond, right at the top of the first page.

But, just how to get the job done? You’ve wisely said Thanks-But-No-Really to your friend’s 8 year-old kid who builds web sites in between Sesame Street reruns, and you’ve rejected those one-size-fits-all template solutions. You’re a smart cookie, you’ve done your research, and you’ve made the single most inspired decision in your quest for the PWS. You’ve selected us – Adster Creative – as your vendor.

Why Adster? Because you know we can do ALL that stuff: drop-dead dynamite design, search engine optimization (SEO), social network integration, Google Ad placement, and a lot more. We’ll build you a web site that does the job, brilliantly.

Now, get ready for another piece of advice from Adster.

Here it is: Do yourself a huge favour, and include a professional writer in your budget. Seriously.

importance of web copywriter

Effective web sites are as much about excellent content as they are about the design and technical aspects. After all, your web site’s entire raison d’être is to disseminate information about your business, right? Writing web copy that describes, compels and sells may sound like an easy thing to do, but there’s that old line, which is famous for a reason: It’s Not As Easy As It Looks. We recommend a pro’.

Professional writers are information architects. They see the forest AND the trees. They’re curious creatures who love to find out all about your business and what makes it tick, and—believe us when we tell you—they’ll ask you questions you never even thought to ask. With fresh perspective, a trained approach, and an eye on both you and your audience, they will discover and showcase the elements of your business that really set you apart.

A good writer amplifies the design process too, by suggesting overall structure and hierarchies of information. As an added bonus, a professional writer can spot a dangling modifier, and actually knows how to spell, where to put the commas, and when a sentence is a fragment (which is sometimes okay), all of which is very good for your credibility.

You’ve got to ask yourself: do you want your PWS to include writing that is boring, poorly organized, and unfocused?

We think not.

In your pursuit of the Powerhouse Web Site, you need a professional writer as much as you need talented designers and technical wizards. Let’s have a conversation about what all those words in your web site are going to say and how they’re going to get there. We know some darn good writers, and they’re part of our team for a reason.