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Managing Your Website Content with a CMS

There are dozen’s of reasons why you as a small Business Owner may want to update or add information on your website. In this video, Dave with Adster shows how the Right Content Management System (CMS) can make it easy, and some of the important features a CMS for small local businesses *must* have.

Video Transcription

Hi there, Dave Forster with Adster Creative – and today we’re going to talk about giving you as a business owner the POWER to edit your own website content.

In our last video we established that part of having the right website meant giving you – the business owner control over your website content. That is accomplished via software that is referred to in the ‘nerd community’ as a content management system. A content management system or CMS is really just a fancy way of saying software that allows a non technical user the ability to update or change information online.

If you’ve ever used Facebook or ever been inside of an email account you’ve actually used a form of a Content Management System. As far as a CMS goes for small business, a content management system is going to let you do a variety of very important things.

A website CMS is going to allow you to do things like: Add or edit pictures. It’s going to let you change add or modify your business hours. It’s going to allow you to add or edit staff profiles. You can even blog, add articles, create content – create information. Finally you can add or edit links – link to other websites and encourage other websites to link back to you.

In order for you to manage your website content efficiently you’re going to want a CMS that’s purpose built for local business. Not mentioning any names *cough* FLEX CMS – there are other certain Content Management Systems that are better at doing this than others. The really good ones actually also are going to have a very heavy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) bias.

Speaking of SEO – that’s going to lead us into our next video – search engine optimization for local business. We’ll see you back here soon.