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Top 3 Google AdWords Objections & Why You should Work with a Google Partner!

If you’re reading this, you’ve heard about Google AdWords so I will spare you the run down 🙂

For many of you, you may have tried it yourself, had your friend build you a campaign, or even Google. You may have had mixed results, were unsure if it worked for you, and more importantly, even if it did work, how effective was it, what was your ROI and what adjustments can you make to maximize your results.

On a daily basis, I chat with businesses large and small who are skeptical of Google AdWords, and hey why not – why give Google your hard earned pennies so they can make another terrible movie. Nonetheless, I’ve outlined some of the most common objectives below and after, we’ll touch on the benefits of working with a Google Partner.

Top 3 Objections to Google AdWords:

# 1 – Google Adwords is expensive:

It can be, especially if you’re not using negative keywords out of the hop, or don’t have proper goal and conversion tracking setup. How can you really know which keywords are the most profitable if you’re only looking at click through rate. While CTR can be a good indication of your accounts performance, it’s not necessarily reflective of new customer acquisition.

# 2 – No one clicks those – my personal favorite.

Check this out – enough said!

# 3 – Google will build me a campaign for free

If you’re on a tight budget, or if you’re new to Google Adwords, to be honest, this is a relatively good option. One thing worth noting, Google typically hammers out hundreds of these accounts a week, so don’t expect any mind blowing results. They also offer 60 – 90 day support for new accounts, but keep in mind that negative keywords, CRO (conversion rate optimization) and additional ad copy is something that should be continually monitored and adjusted.

Why work with a Google Partner?

# 1 – Your sucess means our success

Let’s face it. The happier you are and the more new customers we bring into your business means you’ll be with us for the long haul. We’re not a ‘set it and forget it’ online marketing company. We don’t set our clients up with accounts, and send them on their way because that’s not solving the original problem of client acquisition because you’re not an expert in this field.

In fact, check out the graph below which shows Adster Creative’s status based on the Google Partner guideline’s against the minimum requirements, and the average Google Partner status across Canada.

Google Partner Best Practises


# 2 – Constant monitoring, split testing & other goodies

The beauty of online marketing, is the ability to track your marketing progress over time. Some examples:

  • Did Ad Copy # 1 result in more conversions than Ad Copy # 2?
  • Does bidding on competitor names result new client acquisition?

# 3 – Explanation & tracking

We eat, live and breathe internet marketing. If you haven’t noticed, we’re quite passionate about what we do and want to share our knowledge with you. Reports are great, but new clients are better and we can show you over time how what we’re doing on an ongoing basis is helping you reach your business outcomes.