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Adster Creative & Selected Clients featured in Google Partners North American Case Study

Humble beginnings and hard work – that’s my motto! From strategic planning, to home office, to business incubation to our brand new Southside location (more on that later) the Adster brand has come a long way, and we would first and foremost like to thank our clients.

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of client meetings, held events, attended seminars and I’ve even flown out to Toronto to meet the ‘big-wigs’ over at Google Canada’s head office. One thing is to be certain, Google wants to focus on growing the small business sector and were very interested in a product / service that’s been created by our team. It’s one thing to convince Wal-Mart to spend another 15,000/mth in online advertising – but convincing a small mom and pop shop to take that first step, and spend 200 bucks is a completely different story.

Our mission over the past 5 years has been to educate clients across Alberta, that online marketing isn’t something to be afraid of, but to embrace it, and that with a little bit of patience the ROI can be tremendous. Google has recognized Adster Creative’s hard work, and as one of a handful of Google Partners in the area, is featuring our company and a few of our clients in the re-branding of the Google Partner program across Canada.

Adster Creative South Office

Adster Creative’s new office in the Southside of Edmonton

Adster Photoshoot

Gerri Reid of Genoa Coatings getting ready for the camera!

Andrew Forster Adster

Andrew Forster (Adster Creative) and Amy Tripp (Nelson Cash) posing for the camera!

Genoa Coatings Photoshoot

Action shot of Genoa Coatings at work!

Painting Photoshoot

Action Shot # 2!Nelson Cash Photoshoot

Chatting it up!

Adster Creative Headquarters

Adster Creative Headquarters ‘helictoper shot’ 😛

Andrew Forster Adster Creative

Blurry shot of me trying to look suave!

Here are some of the extremely talented people that we’ve been working with to make this happen:

#1 – Nelson Cash: Photo-shoot & Creative

An extremely talented Creative Agency based out of Chicago.

From their website:

Nelson Cash grew out of a handful of coffee-fueled conversations and happy hour sessions among friends. We quickly realized we shared the same vision of what makes a great studio. Less ego, more collaboration. Less rigidity, more innovation. Recognizing the opportunity, we left our jobs and joined forces. The rest, as they say, is history in the making.

#2 – Taillight Communications: Case Studies & White Paper

One word – wordsmiths. Taillight can make even the most technical of technical sound like a Disney adventure.

From their website:

Taillight is a small agency with very big experience in marketing communications, advertising and Internet content. Our people have helped some of America’s largest companies as well as innovative startups craft and deliver their messages. A veteran-owned small business, we bring style, purpose and direction to every project.

#3 – Google Partners Canada: Display Ad Campaign

We’ve been honored to work with some of the brightest marketing people in Canada and feel blessed with this opportunity.

From their website:

Work with a Google Partner so that you can focus on what matters – running your business.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. We’ll keep you posted on any new and exciting information as it becomes available. This message will self-destruct in 5 … 4 …