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Posts that Inspire, Convince and Convert

The number one question social media managers are asked is, “What should I post?” To that, I typically respond, “What is your goal?” There are posts that increase exposure and social reach.   There are posts that increase engagement and generate conversation. And there are posts that inform. Ideally, each post is a combination of these types. Overall, your posts should be a balance of all of them. The ratio is determined by the demographics of your followers and the size of your company.

Personally, I have a mental checklist I go through when choosing posts.

  • Is it directed to the ideal target customer?

  • Is it informative AND entertaining?

  • Is the message or style consistent with previous posts?

  • Is it shareable?

  • Can it be tied to at least one product or service?

  • Does it have a call to action?

  • Can the result be measured?

Whatever type of post you choose, you want to create desire for your product or, convince customers you offer what they need; and, ultimately, make a sale.