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Adwords Year in Review and What to Expect from Google Adwords in 2013

With a fresh year comes the sense of new possibilities in many areas of life. The door closes on 2012 and the new horizons of possibility are opened for 2013. With the New Year comes the chance to get more out of Adwords than ever before. 2012 ushered in a variety of changes and all signs are towards 2013 continuing the trend of powerful new options being rolled out over the course of the coming year.

Reviewing the last year, Adwords went through a number of major changes with probably the most significant being Google Shopping converting from organic listings to 100% paid search results. Another major change to Adwords in 2012 was the overhaul of the Adwords Interface and the addition of numerous features such as Dynamic Search Ads, Offer Ad Extensions, Adwords for Video, and other updates.

What to Expect from Adwords in 2013Needless to say it’s been a busy year with Adwords keeping on top of all the changes, updates and adjustments that at times seemed to roll out almost daily! I would summarize the last year as a big step forward in transparency, control and tools for advertisers to utilize to further optimize Adwords campaigns. My personal favorite upgrade in 2012 to Adwords is probably a toss-up between the increased data provided by Analytics integration into the Adwords Interface and the addition of Bulk Changes to the Adwords Interface that brings much of the functionality of the Adwords Editor.

2013 will most likely continue at a similar pace with new features and options implemented that will continue to offer greater insights into Adwords data allowing advertisers even more potential to get the best results out of Adwords, gain greater control over individual elements of a campaign and explore the new possibilities. According to a recent Adwords Hangout, some new features in the pipeline for 2013 are increased features on mobile options to continue to meet the needs of mobile search users and advertisers, remarketing for search and pay per engagement options.

Search Remarketing and Beyond!

I’m particularly excited to see Search Remarketing which will allow Search bidding based on if a visitor has visited your site and is in your Remarketing Audience. The idea being that it will allow for more affordable advertising on expensive keywords and could really change the nature of Adwords to a large degree. Search Remarketing is in the works for 2013 but there’s no word when this is going to be made available to all advertisers so we’ll have to sit and wait patiently.

As Google better understands the buying processes and search habits of its users, there will be more features that allow advertisers to reach potential customers in new and unique ways. It looks like 2013 is shaping up to be an interesting year for Adwords, I can hardly wait!