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Making the Most of your Facebook Campaign

Facebook advertising has come a long way over the past few years. What began as an all-or-nothing approach, Facebook has developed into a sophisticated advertising platform beneficial to all kinds of companies, especially your b2c businesses. Putting together a campaign can definitely be overwhelming, so we’ve come up with a few tips to help you make the most of it!

1. Know your audience

Facebook has a borderline creepy amount of information on its users. Consider all of the information that people enter into their profiles. Facebook knows where you went to high school, what, and about that time you did a 2am Taco Bell run. Anything that is put into Facebook’s database is stored. Think about that next time you decide to go on a page-liking spree.


As an advertiser, this type of information retention is excellent news! All of this information is at your disposal when creating a target audience for your ad campaign.  You can  target people based on standard demographics such as age, gender and location, but also allows you to target based on interests, life events, page likes, and even purchasing history. Yes, Facebook knows about your late night Amazon shopping habits too.  Whether your ideal customer is a 19 year old university student from out of the country, or a single parent with toddlers who just started a new job and loves true crime stories, chances are you can target them.

2. Make your ads pop

Facebook is a highly visual platform. Users are constantly sharing memes, gifs, news articles, and of course dog pictures. Facebook is also an incredibly crowded platform. Take a scroll through your news feed at any given time and you’ll find a constant stream of content. Users are being bombarded fresh content and information every time they log on. If you want to catch their attention then you need to find a way to make your ads pop.


No, that doesn’t mean flashing lights or cheesy gimmicks. Combine interesting images with catchy taglines and ongoing sales or promotions to make your ads stand out.  Remember that audience you just defined? Here’s your chance to appeal to them. Think about their interests and demographics and use that to guide you when creating your ads. A steak dinner isn’t going to appeal to vegetarians, and a retired couple is going to be less interested in a nightclub than a young adult would.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different images and wording in order to find that perfect combination.

This leads us right into our next point:

3. Experiment

Facebook is a great platform to experiment and try new things. It’s easy to switch up ad text or try out multiple creatives for the same ad. You can run campaigns with two different delivery methods, or two different audience definitions. There is a tonne of customization available, so be sure to take advantage of it! There are a number of different ad formats available to you as well, from standard news feed ads to Instagram and Messenger ads. Don’t be afraid to test out different things to see what gets the most traffic and ultimately what generates the most leads.

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