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How do you Communicate as a Sales/Marketing Professional?

Sales and marketing are the driving force for any business that is serious about making money. Finding the correct people to fill your sales and marketing seats is of the utmost importance. So picking that right person for the right job is key. Say that you’ve found that right person. What now? Read on to explore some of the finer nuances of how to bring out the best communication in a sales/marketing professional.


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Different Strokes For Different Folks

I’m sure everyone would agree that there are many different types of people in the world who are all unique to themselves in their own distinct way. You have probably heard of the Myer-Briggs personality test, which identifies 16 different personality types and helps make them understandable and useful in people’s lives. Or perhaps you have encountered visual aids that help you to identify which type of learning style you have. All these types of tools and aids are great, as they help to identify some finer points that may get overlooked by an individual and can help bring a deeper level of reflection and realization on what makes us tick.

Now what if we took this type of analysis and reflection one step deeper into another sub category? What if we looked at sales specifically and actually started peeling back some of the layers of a sales professional. Someone who is truly gifted in sales is a rare type of person, as sales requires a very specific set of skills and a specific mindset/attitude to go with it. While there are tried and true sales methods that have stood the test of time, how that information gets processed and delivered is a whole other bag o’ potatoes.


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If we have established that every person is unique and different, would that not mean every person in sales is also very unique and different compared to all the other people in sales? Of course! I had the privilege of using Perry Marshall’s Marketing DNA Test which is designed to help identify the key areas of how to communicate that will resonate most with you through a series of well-calculated questions. This test is based on 4 key pillars that each sit on a sliding scale.

Pillar #1: Alchemist vs Producer.

An alchemist is someone who is more creative. They tend to thrive on originality and like to invent or create new things from the old. They tend to be the person that can “turn lead into gold”. Whereas, a Producer is more set on routines and they like to follow plans. They seldom like surprises and love a life that is governed by strict guidelines and processes.

Pillar # 2: Recorded vs Live

Someone who is higher on there LIVE spectrum can work very well on the spot and can improvise with the best of them. On the other hand, others may need a more scripted approach to sales (RECORDED). A good example of live would be a Facebook live seminar where you are giving a presentation to a group of people and then selling to them afterwards. A good example of recorded, would be a pre-recorded webinar that you can keep shooting over and over again until you perfect it to upload onto the web for multiple uses in the future.

Pillar # 3: Words vs Images

Words refers to a person who prefers to either write or talk. If your number one strength at the end of the exam is words, then every other strength is driven by a passion for language. There could even be an obsession for presenting your thoughts/ideas in just the right way. Images refers to people who like to communicate more visually. Usually a visual prop or aid is needed to help relay the information.

Pillar #4: Analytics vs Empathy

Analytical types are driven by data and are usually introverted personalities. Data driven people want to find situations where the data will be the criteria by which decisions are made. People with high levels of empathy have an almost psychic sense of what people want, feel, aspire to, loathe and fear.


Please keep in mind that there is no right or wrong types in this test. The test just serves to identify the areas which will help you understand yourself on a deeper level to help you succeed in sales and be more efficient in your approach. Last time I checked, a higher level of efficiency in sales and an increase in closing percentage never hurt anybody!

PS – for those of you who really wanted to know my test results, I am an ALCHEMIST who likes to do things LIVE, uses IMAGES and WORDS (with a slight preference towards IMAGES), and is high on EMPATHY. Now you can go back to the blog again to do the math.

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