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Wicked Meeting Agenda That You Can Use for Any Meeting

Dave and I had the privilege of attending Google’s leadership summit in early 2016. One of the items that agencies across the Globe struggled with was how to create, coach and roll out an effective meeting agenda that could be used for sales meetings, pitch meetings and client meetings … basically, any meeting where you need to keep things on time, concise and to the point.

So, do you want a simple and effective meeting agenda that your digital agency can use to improve communication, time management, and employee/customer happiness?  Yes, well check this out!

Enter, TPOINT.


The meeting agenda above is flexible and was designed to be used in a board room, in person, on a phone call or during a screen-share. Ironically enough, this is something that many sales people do naturally. A common trait among sales professionals is empathy. Sales professionals understand the importance of being detail oriented, respectful of their potential clients time and they want to ensure they don’t confuse their potential prospect. The course was a great refresher and something our executive team wanted to take back and deploy throughout our various departments. Our specialists and account management team now thrive in this new environment! Meetings flow much smoother (being respectful of both parties time) and both our team and our clients have given positive feedback utilizing this new framework.

For Adster, an example of how we would use this for an initial 15-minute discovery meeting with a prospect would look something like this:


“Thanks Richard for setting aside a few minutes today. I know your time is valuable so we appreciate it!”


“The goal of today’s meeting is to spend some time to better understand your business, your goals and whether there’s an opportunity for Adster to help you solve your digital marketing challenges, does that sound good?”

  • Allow customer to answer, if yes, proceed, if no, dive a bit deeper


Great, I’ve got about 10 questions that I need go through with you that shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, during that time you can ask any questions you might have, but it would be easiest if you hold off until the end, would that be ok?

  • Allow customer to answer, if yes, proceed, if no, dive a bit deeper
  • Explain Process


“Richard, this sounds like a great fit! Is there anything I missed that you wanted to cover today?”

  • Allow customer to answer, if yes, proceed, if no, dive a bit deeper


“No? Excellent! Richard as discussed, I’m going to put you in touch with (STAFF) who will collect all the necessary information for our team to move forward. Thanks again, and we’re very excited to be partnering on this project!”


Seem a little cheesy? Seem a little scripted? Well … it is, but it works like a charm! Not convinced, try rolling this into your next sales meeting, or client meeting and let me know how it goes in the comments below!