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Why Having an Experienced Adwords Manager is More Important Than Ever

The theme at Google this year seems to be change. At the best of times, Google is constantly updating different elements of their many properties. This year so far between a slew of Adwords updates and rolling out algorithm updates for organic results, Google has really changed the online marketing game in a variety of important ways. The latest changes are retiring the Keyword Tool for the new Keyword Planner and no longer showing organic keyword data in Analytics.

As with just about every move Google has made this year, it comes down to pushing marketers and business owners away from organic search optimization towards using their advertising platform. In addition to the major push to get more advertisers into the Adwords system, Google has minimized the functionality of their keyword research tool making it harder for advertisers to hone in on relevant terms. In the end, making Google a little bit more money off of each advertiser.

Google AdWords updates

What does this mean for Advertisers?

All of this leads me to the topic of todays post, why it is more important than ever to have a skilled Adwords manager actively optimizing your marketing efforts. Lets face it, the bottom line is the deck is stacked against the advertiser from the get go as it stands with the system today. From start to finish the Adwords system is designed to take advantage of the uninitiated. Unfortuantely, for new-comers to Google’s system, business owners precious advertising dollars are spent on less relevant searches that are unlikely to produce any value to your business.

Google offers loads of support and help to learn how to get better results with Adwords, but I don’t know of many business owners that have the time to learn the ins and outs, they are too busy running their business! Those business owners that do have the time, will end up spending more than they need to learn the system and strategies, in addition to the many hours of reading, experimenting, and building a deep understanding of how to make Adwords work for their business.

Having an experienced and skilled Adwords manager at the helm of your campaign pays for itself month after month in saved time for the business owner, a focused spend on only the most productive elements of a campaign to produce optimized results quickly and the peace of mind knowing that your Adwords marketing is in good hands backed by proven strategies and tactics that make the most out of a small business advertising budget.

Working with local businesses to experience Adwords for the first time or with established advertisers to get more out of their campaigns, the passion for Adwords results that guides the Adster philosophy is more crucial than ever. The days are starting to close on the self run campaign in many ways with the system becoming more complex and skewed towards Googles benefit / conspiracy theory!