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Social Media Strategies for Edmonton Businesses

Hey there world! I’m new here at the Adster team and I’m super excited to get started. My background is that of a ‘social aficionado’ and I thought I’d do my first post on something I truly love – Social Media. There are tons of various Social Strategies that companies use for their clients, however the following information is what I’ve found to provide the most profitable, enjoyable and successful campaigns for our customers 🙂

What makes Adster so awesome at Social?

Edmonton Social Media CompanyWe listen. We respond. Our expertise lies in knowing how the major social platforms are best suited for what type of business, and which platforms is best used for what type of social material. We are most familiar with Facebook and Twitter, however we have experience with all of them.

We also know how to use tools that are available to streamline these platforms. We feel confident in pairing a client, who wants to drive their own social marketing, with a tool that best suit their needs.

How does Adster determine a Social Strategy for a client?

With the understanding that each client will engage on the chosen social platforms in a different way*, our strategies include:

  • Establish short term goals. At the beginning, ROIs such as likes, subscribers, followers etc are measured. As their online presence grow, mentions, likes, shares, retweets etc (the qualitative measurement) become increasingly important (to help gauge this progress we also measure client’s competitors).
  • We take advantage of Facebook’s broken search features through likes and tagging.
  • Build a sense of brand value within the community
  • Engage potential promoters through direct and personalized communication, (mutual) likes and shares, and (mutual) mentions and retweets
  • Strongly encourage the “Soft Sell”. Our rule of thumb is 4 social posts to 1 business post in order to prevent lines of communication being closed. (We want our clients to stand out from the social noise, not be the noise.)
  • Clients are asked to provide a minimum of one blog post a month.
  • When starting from scratch, we start clients on Facebook and Twitter. Once those are established (usually after a month)  we branch into other appropriate platforms: YouTube, Yelp, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr, Foursquare, Flickr and or Instagram.

* The size of the company, their budget, and target audience will influence these strategies.

What makes Adster stand apart from all these other ‘Social Media Companies’?

Systems, caffiene and a whole ‘lotta crazy … well, that and the following…

1. Developing a Social Media Policy.

At adster we try and identify the purpose of social media for a client’s brand; keep the social marketing efforts consistent; ensure the brand’s voice, identity, goals and objectives are clear to everyone within their company; and, to establish clear lines for reputation management.

2. Building a content calendar in 3 month blocks.

We do this to optimize seasonal and trending topics, as well as any direct marketing our clients do outside their digital space. This also allows us to better tie social posts to blog posts, thereby developing a stronger association between brand and key words, as well as strengthening the link between SEO and SMO.

3. Optimizing our clients’ Social Profile on each platform.

At Adster we try and use keywords within our customers profile, ensuring their profile is complete and visible within search engines, and making sure share buttons are available alongside all shareable content.

4. Intermittently engaging listeners and potential promoters with Calls to Action.

As well as generating discussion using polls and contests which link our brand to the key words and services we seek to be associated with.

5. Using tools available to engage in social bookmarking where appropriate.

We don’t want to spam the system, but we do want our clients to be relevant. Social bookmarking used PROPERLY and safely can amplify ones already stellar social media campaign.