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Newly Announced Adwords Changes to Blow Your Mind

Earlier this week, Google hosted their Performance Summit event which featured some pretty exciting news about Adwords & Analytics. There were lots of fun announcements but what I’m most excited about are a few particular Adwords changes. Let’s get right to it!

Ad Copywriting Improvements

The current format of Adwords can be frustrating at times from a character count standpoint. For instance, if you work in an industry with a long name, you’re eating up a ton of characters before you even get a chance to highlight what sets you apart from the competition. Sorry, endomolecularbiologists. Google got wise to this, and part of their announcement focuses on such updates in a couple of really big ways – nanotechnological bioinformatics system integration researchers rejoice! Well, as much as you’re going to, anyways.

New & Improved Headlines!

Currently, we have one 25 character headline to work with in our ad copy – not a ton of space, although it create some really fun challenges. Part of the announcement: two 30 character headlines!


Screenshot c/o Wordstream

In their beta testing, Google found this change improved click-through-rate by up to 25%. Wheee!

Longer Descriptions!

Right now, we’re working with two 35 character description lines. Soon we’ll have one consolidated 80 character description line. This is really going to help create logical sentences that flow nicely and make for visually larger ads.

Device Bidding Improvements

As it stands, you can currently make bid adjustments to mobile devices in Adwords. If your ads have a high CTR, low CPC and high conversion rate on mobile, you can easily bid up 25% on mobile devices. While this is a very useful tactic, other devices (desktop and tablet) cannot currently be adjusted. Going forward, you’ll be able to make bid adjustments across all three segments! Bid up 10% on mobile, down 25% on desktop and up 30% on tablet. Change it all again the next day. You CAN have it all!

(Pictured above in .gif format: me, at the board table, watching the Performance Summit keynote.)

New Interface

This is the kind of scary part – Google revealed a sneak peak of the new Adwords interface. It looks very clean and crisp but isn’t even available in beta and won’t be fully ready to roll until the end of 2017. While it’s real fancy and probably easier to use, I am thankful for 18 months to adjust to the fact that my life will be turned upside down.

Other than the interface change, when will these other amazing changes arrive? Kind of hard to say. Stay tuned to the Adster blog, our Twitter and Facebook for more exciting updates!

You can watch the full keynote here.