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Establishing Your Online Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

As the web evolves, and the smaller markets (we mean you Alberta!) slowly catch on that this ‘internet marketing’ thing isn’t going anywhere, establishing your company’s unique value proposition has become more important than ever. Not only that, but conveying online in an easy digestible manner to your customers why they should choose your business is the real ticket (Hey don’t take our word for it, check out what google has to say here).

The internet changes fast, even in relation to clients we’ve worked for in the past 3 years. The amount of competition then, compared to now, has increased about 500%. Luckily for them (and us) we got in ‘while the going was good’, and we provided our clients with INSANE returns on their investments. Unfortunately, with more and more competition, promoting your business online will increase in difficulty and the costs will keep going up, however that’s not to say there still isn’t money to be made … and LOTS of it.

No matter the situation, we still want to drive new leads to your website and the end goal is to provide you with a positive return on your investment. Remember, if you’re the only one running Google AdWords in August, then in November, 8 of your competitors catch on, not only will this drive your CPC (Cost Per Click) higher, but what incentive are you giving to your customers to click on your Ad? Well, in some cases that’s our job, but to be honest, if you haven’t taken the time to truly establish your company’s unique value proposition it makes our job that much harder.

How can I establish my company’s UVP?

Establishing Online UVPAre you a chiropractor offering first time free sessions? What about a local oil change shop that offers a 50% discount on first time oil changes? Little things like this that are front and center in your Google Ads, Meta Titles and plastered across your website will increase the likelihood of a new prospect choosing your business.

You have little to no information about how much research your prospective clients have done before they choose you. Perhaps you were the 6th ad they clicked on, but because you offer 24 hour emergency service it instilled trust in them, so they decided to go with you.

UVP Workshop –

With so much competition, you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd! Take a piece of paper and jot down 10 things that make you unique, for Adster it would look something like this:

Why would someone choose Adster Creative?

1. Competitive Pricing

2. Family Owned

3. Track Record of Quality Results with world class support

4. Fully Custom Websites Starting at $2999.99 (flexLOCAL Websites)

5. Local Site Builder

6. Locally Based in Edmonton for Alberta clients

7. All in one Online Advertising Agency with bundled solutions

8. Google AdWords Certified Partner

9. “A” Rating on Better Business Bureau

10. Google Engage Member

Adster Pro Tip –

Ask your clientele (or social followers) what they think your UVP is. You might be surprised by their suggestions and the answers that turn up.

From the list you create, you can brainstorm with your team, close friends, Facebook followers or family and pick your top 5 UVP points that you think best represent your company. Once it’s been established it’s game time. Include your UVP points in your website, marketing material, online ad’s and anything else you think might be helpful. For a little extra ‘juice’ supply these UVP points to your advertising team to reach an all new high in online butt-kickery.

Remember, a good offense is always better than a good defense. Establishing your company’s UVP now, will set the stage for a successful online campaign for years to come.