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It will likely come as no surprise that video as an online ‘medium’ – and subsequent video marketing –  are on the rise. With high speed internet connections becoming the ‘norm’, along with sites like Youtube and Facebook giving us a more ‘unified’ video platform, more and more people are creating, publishing and viewing cool videos about all sorts of interesting topics – including businesses they may be curious about.

Your brand in 60 seconds or less

Having a super flashy HD video is great – but what about the substance? What your video conveys to the viewer is equally important, which is why all of our corporate videos have a strong call to action. Adster never misses an opportunity to turn viewers into potential customers! Just think – how many times have you clicked ‘play’ on a video to get some basic information only to see it has a 6-minute run time and then hit the ‘back’ button?


You’re not alone. Adster realizes that effective sales videos need to get key points across to the viewer in as little time as possible.

Did everyone get that?

With smartphones, touchpads and other devices gaining more and more market share every day – having a video that displays correctly on all of these devices is key. Adster makes sure your video will do this and can even build you a sweet, cross-platform, custom video player!

Sounds good, what’s included?

Typically, an Adster promotional video for your business will include:

  • Script creation (if necessary)
  • Studio or ‘on location’ shoot with cameras, lights, microphones and a one to three man crew (we’ve even got a green screen if you want to make a lightsaber duel, report the weather or something equally as cool)
  • Up to 25 reminders to ‘just relax’ while we’re shooting you (this is supposed to be fun, right?)
  • Post-production (full editing, lower thirds, music, animated graphics, etc)
  • Optimized rendering to popular web formats
  • Uploading to Youtube, Google Places and your website (for clients in our search engine optimization packages)

Of course, there are a bunch more neat things we can do, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Professionally shot 60 to 120 second HD videos starting at $999!