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Sunny Rangnani

Sunny started his journey with Adster five years ago as a developer, which basically means he makes websites work good and stuff. He is a master coder and a talented gamer (so he says). When in the office, you can find him sitting at his desk eating hot dogs, fixing all of our problems, and ignoring his surroundings AKA his coworkers.

As everyone here at Adster can attest to, Sunny gets his name from his bright and shiny disposition. He just radiates joy as he sits in his corner with his headphones in, saving the internet, one crashed site after another. The best way we can describe him is as a prickly pear, gruff on the outside, sweet on the inside. He genuinely loves doing everything he can to help his coworkers and clients – working after hours just to finish his task list (even though he’s not supposed to).

Sunny likes long walks on the beach and rom coms listening to music and being with his friends and family. He loves stand up comedy (particularly George Calin), all movie genres (except the scary stuff!), and the way to his heart is through a good burger and shake!

Sunny loves what he does, and his fondness for the industry clearly shows in the exceptional work he provides. He loves his work fam, and deeply misses all of his past coworkers who have moved on. He is passionate about working on new ideas/projects, and is always looking for ways to further his development in the industry!