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Michael Martindale

Michael Martindale

Mike (Adster’s 3-time ‘best-in-class’ beard winner) is our Head of Sales & Customer Service with a penchant for sales strategies, sales training, account management & stellar customer service. A former high school teacher & ex-personal trainer, Mike loves to educate entrepreneurs on the many benefits of digital advertising – then help whip their online presence into shape!

In addition to his sales & marketing talents, Mike loves the creative side of tech –  and while he confesses a love for music/video editing (including managing a family member’s YouTube channel), his true talents lie in his Cobra-commander inspired breakdance routine that leaves *nothing* on the floor. The man can also send legendary heat on a volleyball court. You’ve been warned.

When it’s time to get cerebral,  Mike charges up by reading fellow westerner Brett Wilson’s wisdom, and checking in on what Joe Rogan’s guests have to say about where this wacky world is headed.

Come movie time, Mike enjoys finding the bestest, funniest new things on Netflix and cites fellow 6’4” funnyman Vince Vaughn’s ‘Swingers’ as an all-time fave. Yes baby, he’s money.

Other celebrity fun fact: Mike once walked beside Samuel L. Jackson in the Salt Lake City International airport and Mike TOTALLY ghosted him. Something about snakes on the plane?

His greatest passion is spending time with his two wonderful children (along with a fish who shall remain nameless & a bearded dragon named Liz) and exposing them to the many diverse culinary delights our city has to offer (sans fish and lizard).