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Lisa Michetti

Lisa Michetti

Lisa is Adster’s Operations Manager & Team Lead and has been a member of the Adster family since late 2014. We like to call her our resident SEO expert, but she hates that phrase (guru too!). Lisa considers herself a lifelong learner, who still has much to learn.

When not coaching rhythmic gymnastics (a former world-traveling gymnast herself) you can find Lisa in the Adster office, 8:00 am every morning,  performing deep dives into Google Analytics, pirouetting keyword lists and crafting the perfect meta title. Lisa’s enthusiasm and drive to make an impact on our customers and colleagues’ lives can be seen in client performance as well as her deep relationships with fellow Adsterites.

Lisa holds a bachelor of arts in political science from the University of Alberta and a diploma in public relations from MacEwan. She’s also had the opportunity to speak and present at over a dozen learning and educational workshops across Canada.

Lisa’s devotion to education, learning, and speaking is matched only with a reignited romance with the Legend of Zelda – BREATH OF THE WILD ONLY.