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Libriel Padilla

Libriel Padilla

Libby is Adster’s Strategy Manager and unofficial junior developer. Her love of learning and desire to mix up the day has led to some deep dives into the caverns of WordPress. Though she isn’t the earliest riser (most of us are confused if she’s in the office before 9!) Libby is often the last one here, working away on PPC campaigns and unique projects for her clients.

Outside of the office, Libby is a family person and loves spending time with her niece. Her biggest hobby is salsa dancing. Libby has been involved in the salsa community for nearly 10 years! She first became interested in salsa after spending 4 months studying abroad and being exposed to Latin music. When she arrived back in Edmonton, she started taking salsa lessons and hasn’t looked back since! Her favourite thing about salsa dance is being able to see progress as you practice. She loves the salsa community and has met some of her best friends through it.

Before coming to Adster, Libby worked in a number of different industries. She always thought that digital marketing would be a cool area to explore. When she had the opportunity to apply at Adster, she jumped at it!

Like many of us, Libby loves problem-solving and helping clients to grow their businesses. Her favourite part of the job is getting to work with such a unique and wonderful team here at Adster!