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Kenzie Mucciarone

Kenzie Mucciarone

Kenzie joined our team in 2018 as an up and coming digital account manager, and is now presently enjoying her position as one of our talented Digital Marketing Strategists (way to go Kenzie!). If you’re having trouble comprehending her last name (phonetically: mooch-a-roe-nee), don’t worry, you’re not alone. Just make sure to use a stereotypical Italian accent and as many hand gestures as possible whenever you say it! It should also be noted that her first name is NOT MacKenzie, therefore she will not respond to it, because that’s not her name! (Cue the Ting Tings).

Though she claims procrastination and sleeping-in as her talents, we’ve found her to be incredibly passionate about learning all things digital in order to serve her clients and meet their online marketing needs. She actively takes part in strategy meetings, client projects, and has made herself an invaluable addition to the Adster family.

Hailing from Bassano (AKA the middle of nowhere), she’s a small town gal who relocated to Edmonton in spite of her fear of the big city. Her interests include drinking hot leaf water (tea), country music, attending concerts, and having a stare-down contest with an owl. In her spare time, you can find her baking, playing guitar, seeing her friends & fam, and hanging out with her kitty cat, Nyx. Kenzie is also passionate about creating beautiful macrame and clay creations – learn more about her side business, Midnight Designs!

In 40 years you’ll likely find Kenzie happily living back in the middle of nowhere, with a killer view of the mountains. Her days will probably be filled with hammocks, good books, and taking pretty pictures of pretty things. For now, you can find her here at Adster, continuing to learn all she can about the digital world!