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John is our Senior Digital Marketing Strategist with a deep love for Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A former Product Ready Trainer for the largest Business Process Outsourcing company in the Philippines, he took a risk and migrated to Canada to eventually become a Marketing Manager for the largest multi-location Event Rental company in Alberta.

He loves strategy, organizing, and problem-solving anything about SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Google Ads. He also takes an effort to improve systems and discover new programs to speed-up processes.

John is also a member of an industry-leading forum about Local SEO and a high-level Local Guide for Google Maps.

He has several interests such as playing acoustic & bass guitar, playing 2000s video games, streaming and editing videos, video directing for live events, and cooking.

His whole life and future revolve around his wife and his 2 sons. Training his kids early in coding to become the next big video game creators so he can retire sampling their works.