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Jillian Gordon

Jillian Gordon

Jillian is Adster’s rock star digital marketing strategists. Already well versed in agency life, with a solid foundation in digital and client management, she came to Adster to take her skills to the next level!

Like others in the office, Jillian enjoys the audit process whereby she can identify problems and strategize solutions for her clients. She appreciates the variety of work at Adster and that every day at the office is different. Jillian wants to continue to grow and learn as much about digital as possible.

Off hours, Jillian lives an alternate life as a roller derby player. She’s been a member of Oil City Roller Derby since 2015 and is currently the team captain of the GI Janes. When she’s not on roller skates, she loves baking, attempting to play the guitar, and traveling the world whenever she gets the chance.

If Jillian could do any job in the world, she would write (anything!).