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Chelsy Theriault

If you were to leave Edmonton and head east for approximately 4500km, you’ll find Chelsy working away as Adster’s remote Content Strategist (Multi Media Management’s too!) where she spends her day strategizing content.

Even though she doesn’t work in an office, don’t assume she doesn’t have a work ethic. At 8 am, as soon as her little one is off to school, Chelsy immediately parks herself in front of her computer to write and edit content. Sometimes in her pajamas, sometimes in normal people clothes – but always with a coffee in her hand!

In 2006, Chelsy graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English. So not only does she know how to string words together, but she also has a good idea of why she feels crazy most of the time. But that could all be due to her daughter, two cats and two (pet) rats who all share a beautiful home together in Saint John, New Brunswick. Chelsy has an unmatched passion for writing and has found her happy place within the Adster family!