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Andrew Forster

Andrew Forster

Andrew got into digital marketing by helping out his big brother Dave in the early ages of the internet – the early-2000s when flash and music on websites were the coolest things ever! Ever the brave entrepreneur, Andrew co-founded Adster in late 2009, alongside David and they haven’t looked back since!

While managing Adster’s operations to business development & sales, Andrew loves setting the Adster team up with goals (like being named one of the top digital marketing agencies in Canada) and projects and watching them meet & exceed these goals (like making Alberta Venture’s Fast Growth 50 List 2 years in a row!).

Andrew is constantly working on all aspects of his health, be it physical (bending down to pick up lint off the carpet) spiritual/mental (creating a clean environment around him by picking up the lint on the carpet) or social (talking on the phone while he picks up lint around the carpet).

He is also Al-Salam Pita’s number 1 customer (try the chicken kebab platter) but mostly just loves really good food!