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Edmonton PPC Management

Adster Creative offers award-winning, results-driven, PPC management and search engine marketing services to businesses in Edmonton & throughout Canada. A well planned and properly executed pay per click campaign can sky rocket your website’s traffic and drive new prospects to your business. We’re Alberta’s only Featured Google Partner and have years of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses find success with pay-per-click advertising.


Put your business on the first page of the search results! Adster understands the unique needs local businesses have when it comes to running a pay-per-click campaign. From a clear understanding of which keywords to target and which to avoid, to implementing conversion and call tracking, our team can create a successful paid search campaign to drive more business. We offer hands on PPC management, using all of the latest features to ensure your ads perform to their top potential. We even have our own in-house reporting software to provide real-time data about how your campaign is performing.

Already have a campaign? Running your own ads? We offer in-depth audits to identify how well your ads are really performing, find any areas for improvement, and ensure that they’re up-to-date with all of the latest PPC ad features and formats available.

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Video Ads

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and provides the perfect visual platform to reach the ideal customers for your business. As part of Google’s advertising platform, you get access to a robust number of targeting options including location, age, interests, online behaviours, gender, and more! There are several different ad formats to choose from as well, allowing for short non-skippable ads to get your message across more quickly, or longer, skippable ads that cost you nothing unless someone watches more than 30 seconds!

Display Advertising & Remarketing

The Display Network features over 2 million websites worldwide, providing yet another robust channel to reach your target audience. Using existing targeting, Adster can dial in your advertising to specific cities or provinces, website themes, or even specific third-party websites. When combined with re-targeting, display advertising can help previous website visitors keep your business top of mind.

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