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Working at a Digital Marketing Agency

I haven’t been at Adster Creative very long, but boy has my time passed by quickly! I’ve had an amazing experience so far. From learning so much from the best in the biz about online marketing to Adster team building events, I’ve basically found my dream job and dream company. Today, I’d like to share some the reasons working at Adster rocks!

Please note: I am extremely biased.

A High Performing Team

It’s common for employers to speak about finding the right fit for their company in their job postings. Some really stand behind their mantras and are very candid about the company culture and type of employee they are looking for. During both my prescreening phone interview and in-person interview, Andrew and Dave were very clear they were only looking for A-players and rockstars. This wasn’t a cushy position where I could simply coast through the job and digital marketing landscape.

Suffice to say, they weren’t lying. I work with some of the most talented and experienced digital marketers, developers, and salespeople out there. I am constantly impressed at the depths of their expertise, care for their clients’ businesses, and solid work ethic. It motivates me to pull my weight on the team and do the best job I can as well. At Adster, we run a tight ship – every employee matters and has his or her part to play!

Adster Team Curling

Interesting & Challenging Work

I’m very proud of the work we do. As I’ve mentioned earlier, we truly care about our work, our clients, and the success of their businesses. We actively stay on top of digital marketing developments, improve our processes and practices, and look for ways to make sure our clients are getting their bang for their buck. We dedicate two hours each week to developing our online marketing prowess through staff presentations on topics of interest, case studies, and ongoing training by senior digital strategists. During our “Throwback Thursday” meetings, Papa Dave leads us on a journey where we pick apart our processes and reexamine our strategies to ensure we’re always doing the best possible job!

Adster Team Axe Throwing

Work Hard, Play Hard

One of the biggest perks of working for Adster is we have a lot of fun – think monthly staff lunches, quarterly team events and lots of foosball! Though it might sometimes be difficult to pull us away from our desks, we genuinely enjoy hanging out together and especially enjoy a game of foos after a long week!

Finding My Fit

Being part of Adster’s team has been an amazing experience. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s stressful juggling everything that’s thrown at us, but it truly makes a difference in my enjoyment of the job when I am employed by a great company with like-minded individuals who do great work. I can’t wait to see how I will continue to grow and develop as Adster does!