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Why I Love flexLOCAL™ Online Marketing

Over the last couple of months, Adster has rolled out its new flexLOCAL™ program which allows local Alberta based small businesses to make the most out of their online marketing budget. I know all sort of companies, services and products purport to offer fast online success for just pennies. You might have gotten spammed in your inbox from companies that are offering the world for just a few bucks. A business that has been online for any amount of time knows there is no magic bullet for internet marketing success and it takes time, effort and money to make online marketing work. Let alone produce optimized results.

That is until Adster changed the game with flexLOCAL™ Online Marketing.

Here is what has me so excited about flexLOCAL™ and what it can do for local businesses. Over the years, Adster has worked with many Edmonton small businesses across a variety of different fields and markets which gives us access to precise local data gathered over the long term. What this means, is that rather than having to reinvent the wheel and discover what works in a particular space, Adster already knows what works and can implement the appropriate proven strategy that takes the hard work out of gaining new customers online.

We know ‘your’ market, because we’re a small business too.

flexLOCAL™ Online Marketing

Knowing the right keywords and how to properly setup and optimize a campaign is just part of the equation for online local marketing results. An often overlooked aspect of pay per click marketing is landing page optimization. I don’t know why businesses tend to want to hold onto an unproductive websites as it costs them money over the long run, but many businesses do. Adster has taken care of that as well with flexLOCAL™.

Providing proven designs that are optimized to drive qualified leads. It is this extra feature that really makes flexLOCAL™ stick out in my opinion and provides true long term value to our clients. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen relevant targeted traffic go to waste on web sites that are not designed to convert. flexLOCAL™ takes out all of the variables providing a complete environment in which quality traffic turns into quality leads.

Being a grizzled veteran of the online marketing trenches, I can safely say I have seen my fair share of strategies and tactics over the years . Never has a local online marketing program moved me in the way flexLOCAL™ does. It takes a lot for me to get excited, and for me to say flexLOCAL™ is an exceptional solution for the local Edmonton business to utilize online marketing in an easy and affordable way, is not something I just go around saying.

In a nutshell, flexLocal offers the value of relevant targeted local Visitors with a web site that is designed to make that most of each visitor. Backed by the knowledge, experience and data the Adster team brings. flexLocal is an awesome way for a local businesses to harness the full talents of an online marketing agency on a budget that all local businesses can afford.

flexLOCAL™ takes out the guesswork, bringing the online marketing results every business owner wants, at a fraction of the usually online marketing cost. Find the local customers your business is looking for with the best option for a small business I have ever come across, flexLOCAL™. Stop wasting your marketing budget trying to figure out what works. Get the online results you want with flexLOCAL™