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Using Google My Business Labels to Organize Multiple Location Extensions in Adwords

Advertising for clients with multiple locations can be tricky – especially if certain locations offer some services and others don’t. Do you create multiple Adwords campaigns – one for each service? Do you manually choose which locations go with certain ad groups? Do you simply add the various locations as sitelinks? There are many ways to go about this, but today we’ll talk about Google My Business labels which can be super handy in this situation.


If you’re running ads for a business with multiple locations where locations have specific geographic modifiers, features, or amenities that users may search for, using Google My Business labels is an easy way to organize your location extensions. The goal is to set up parameters for which location extensions appear, but still allow Google to choose which is most relevant to the user.

Let’s say we’re running two campaigns – a branded campaign and a lead generation campaign for a law office that has multiple locations in Edmonton and Sherwood Park and these are the locations and their services:

Location Edmonton South Edmonton West Edmonton North Sherwood Park
Services Divorce Law Real Estate Law Divorce Law Wills & Estates

We could use labels in Google My Business to ensure that the correct locations and call extensions are showing up in our ads. We would create labels for characteristics that distinguish locations (like geography or service offerings). For example, for the law office, we may want the following labels:

  • Edmonton
  • Sherwood Park
  • Edmonton-South
  • Edmonton-West
  • Edmonton-North
  • Family
  • Divorce

In our branded campaign, we may have the following ad groups and these would be the corresponding labels assigned to them:

Ad Group Name Associated Label(s)
Brand None – we want Google to pick the location most relevant to them
Brand Edmonton Edmonton – only Edmonton locations
Brand Edmonton South Edmonton-South
Brand Edmonton West Edmonton-West
Brand Edmonton North Edmonton-North
Brand Sherwood Park Sherwood Park

This is how we may apply labels to ad groups in our lead generation campaign:

Ad Group Name Associated Label(s)
Lawyer None
Lawyer Edmonton Edmonton
Lawyer Edmonton South Edmonton-South
Lawyer Edmonton West Edmonton-West
Lawyer Edmonton North Edmonton-North
Lawyer Sherwood Park Sherwood Park
Divorce Lawyer Divorce – will now only show South, North and Sherwood Park locations
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton Divorce, Edmonton – will now only show Edmonton locations that offer divorce law
Real Estate Lawyer Real Estate
Wills & Estates Lawyer Sherwood Park Sherwood Park

This is a fairly easy way to assign the right location extension to a campaign or ad group using Google My Business labels.


Things to note:

  • I’ve seen ads for businesses with multiple locations that concurrently showed a call extension for one location while showing a location extension for a different location. In this case, only use call extensions for campaigns or ad groups that have a specific location attached to it. Otherwise, I would disable call extensions entirely to avoid a confusing mix-up.
  • If you are using a call tracking number, there is a spot on the backend of Google My Business to insert a phone number that will show in the location extension.

Google My Business Label and AdWords location extensions phone input

Questions or comments? Let us know about your tips and tricks with using labels in Google My Business!