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Time to shake things up – Adster Site Builder 2012

Over the past few years we’ve developed some pretty sweet cutting edge technology, made some great friends and have met with some of the industries best and brightest. In the past 2 years some of my key takeaways have been influenced by our competitors, our colleagues and most importantly: our clients.

While we would love to sell every one of our customers a 10 thousand dollar custom designed website with all the latest bells and whistles; HTML 5, CSS3 and a CMS system built from the ground up tailor made to their every want and need; the reality is – many local businesses don’t have the budget for it.

Growing Pains …

With an extensive background in sales – my gut instinct was to drop our prices to suit their budget, however I/we soon realized this wasn’t fair to our company or even our clients. After thinking long and hard and weighing the pro’s and con’s we came up with the penultimate solution.

Adster Site Builder

Instead of turning these ‘potential’ clients away or turning into one of those ‘Fly-by-night Template Web Design companies’ we decided to really listen to our customers. The ultimate goal here at Adster is to create a web ‘presence’ for our clients and bring them new business and prospects with their newly created internet reach.

Adster Site Builder … 2012 … hopefully 😛

The question still remains: How are we going to build the Star Ship on a poor Storm Trooper salary ? Well heck, DEVELOP a product that empowers us to build our clients kick-butt websites that fit their budget.

Our Site Builder is still Pre-Alpha at the moment but this bad boy is going to be a one of a kind, top-tier product putting those other so called ‘website builders’ to shame. Stay tuned for more info!