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An introduction to Adster’s flexLOCAL™ Online Marketing program!

It’s been over 18 months in the works, and now it’s official: Adster Creative is proud to announce the launch of our flexLOCAL™ line of online marketing products and services! In this video, President and flexLOCAL™ Co-Developer Dave Forster introduces Adster Creative’s amazing line of high-tech, value packed, ‘optimized for local business’ websites.

Video Transcription –

Hi there! Dave Forster with Adster Creative — very excited today as we are making the official launch of our flexLOCAL™ Website Product.

Now, over the last couple of years at Adster, we’ve talked to dozens, hundreds, thousands – maybe not thousands – hundreds of local business owners in Alberta who still have not yet got a website. And one of the biggest objections or biggest reasons that they haven’t got a website yet is the cost of admission. It’s the price. Getting a proper website usually means spending thousands and thousands of dollars to get it done right. And this leads them down the path of less than ideal solutions. Looking to maybe do it themselves, or, yeah, the neighbors’ kid builds websites, or, hey, let’s maybe look at a template or some other less than ideal solution. Of course, my response is always, “how much is that website going to cost your business?”

The flexLOCAL™ line of website products is Adsters’ solution to the problem. We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars and thousands and thousands of man hours of going through a thorough and exhaustive set of systems that allow us to streamline the standard custom web design process. It is our own proprietary system, and it allows us to build a true custom website that is HTML 5, CSS 3, 960 grid – all of the high-tech goodies are in there, and our SEO team went in and made sure that all of the code – all of the code, all of the visible stuff on your website is unbelievably search engine friendly. So, you’ve got a gorgeous website that is high-tech, SEO friendly, and it is also scalable and future proof. These websites have it all, and we are very, very, very excited to get you in a flexLOCAL™website.

If you have any questions about our flexLOCAL™ product, we would encourage you to check out our newly revamped website, or, of course, you can always call me and I will talk your ear off about this.

That’s flexLOCAL™. We’ll see you back here soon.