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The Importance of Website Analytics and ROI tracking

It goes without saying that getting qualified visitors to your business’s web properties are always a good thing. But have you considered how these visitors ‘perceive’ your website and content? More importantly, are these visitors taking the action that you as a small business owner intend for them to take? In this video, Dave discusses the importance of website analytics and ROI tracking, and how it’s an essential piece of the puzzle for Business owners and online agencies alike.

Video Transcription –

Hi there, Dave Forster with Adster Creative. In our last video we finished off talking about measuring the effectiveness of paid traffic. In this video, we’re going to talk about measuring the effectiveness of everything on your website, with a video on Website Analytics.

The higher-up, smarty pants at Google would suggest that engaging in online advertising without analysis, is much the same as walking around in the dark without a flashlight, and that – is a scary thought.

With website analytics, what we’re talking about doing is really improving your website, and there’s 5 ways that we do that.

Number 1. We want to improve user experience. We want to make your website easier to use for your visitors.

Number 2. We want to improve on Conversions. We want to make sure that the people coming to your website are turning into customers.

Number 3. We want to calculate and improve your ROI. The great thing about online advertising is that we can really convert, and determine how much of your advertising dollar is really working for you.

Number 4. We can use website analytics to uncover opportunities. What we mean here is we can find potential places to find new link partners, or we can find certain key phrases or searches that people are using to find you and use them to our advantage.

Number 5 is peace of mind. We’re not just talking peace of mind for the business owner here, we’re talking peace of mind for the agency as well. In order for an online marketing agency to do their job well, we need to have benchmarks of performance and something to measure all of our efforts against, to make sure that we’re always improving.

Ultimately, we don’t want to have you as a business owner running around the internet and saying bad things about us.

And of course, that’s going to lead into our final video in the introductory video series, and that’s going to be on reputation management and social media. We’ll see you back here soon.