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The 1st Annual Papa-Dave’s Choice Awards!

As we blast past 2018, the internet has become filled with ‘best of / worst of / top / winners / losers / predictions / awards’ lists as it has a habit of doing with every passing year.

In accordance with internet law, I felt compelled to look back on the year that was and create my own list of ‘fave’ moments here at Adster, and why they meant something to me.

So then, without further ado, I present to you the first annual Adster Creative Dundees Papa-Dave’s Choice awards!

In alphabetical order…

Best Use of Awards Award: Andrew Forster

A guy who can move with speed and precision unlike any other human I’ve seen, my partner and younger bro Andrew has done a truly world class job branding and positioning Adster in the market. From his efforts leading to 2 consecutive Alberta FG 50 wins to our most recent Clutch Global Leaders award, Andrew is a guy who pushes us all – while making us look good in the process. Cheers, brother!

Best Use of the Company Dime: Jillian Gordon

I’m not totally sure how we convinced Jillian to join the Adster team, but boy am I glad we did! In the last year Jillian has over-delivered in almost every way imaginable with an unflinching ‘I can *totally* do that’ attitude.  While we had to twist her arm, I can think of no better use of Adster’s travel perks than Jillian agreeing to take a very well deserved ‘warm’ conference excursion to SMM World in March. Go gurl!

Quickest Adoption of Company Values: Kenize Mucciarone

Our newest Adster-ite and fellow small-town alumni, I’m just getting to know young Kenzie. However, the moment I realized she was ‘our gal’ was when she took it upon herself to take our dusty old Christmas tree out of storage (without asking), decorate it (alone), and really just own the festivity of it all. Actionable ideas, anyone? I am pretty excited to see what Kenzie is capable of in the coming weeks and months – as we all are. Just steer clear of downtown and you’ll be fine, kid.

Best Use of the Adster Whiteboard: Libriel Padilla

It all started with Libby lobbing Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ into my office and a personal challenge to me – and to all of us – to think more about ‘why’ we do the Adster thing. Since then, Libby has been been on a mission to make herself and those around her better, highlighted by an extremely enlightening whiteboard exercise where she coached the entire team to ‘dig in’ and talk about what we want achieve personally and professionally. Fun!

Best Use of the Adster Website: Lisa Michetti

While I can’t say enough about the countless little things that Lisa does to make our office a better place to play, this past month she really took it to the next level by conceptualizing and executing on the great Adster-buddy-bio initiative! Lisa provided some fantastic guidelines (and a due date!) which guided us through a most wonderful team building exercise –  and gave the Adster website some next-level character.

Best Destruction of a Quarterly Target – Mike Martindale

The challenge was on: Adster’s Q2 sales targets meant we needed push hard this past November, what with the December break and a January filled with Vacations. Not only was Mike instrumental in helping us meet these goals, he downright crushed them setting a monthly record in November. In fact, Mike’s efforts (along with the team) helped Adster hit it’s quarterly new sales target in just shy of 3 weeks, an even crazier record. Records!

Humanitarian & Service Award: Sunny Rangnani

Don’t let his surliness fool you! Be it responding to urgent client requests on a weekend, helping me fix my overloaded servers in the wee hours of a weekday, or simply taking orders for the office ‘goodie’ runs, Sunny’s contributions to the office run deep. This is a man that is so much more than his fancy-pants master’s degree: Sunny is a man who lives to serve! (I am also officially nominating Sunny for next years ‘Most improved in prioritization & delegation ‘). Ha!


Well, that’s it for this years awards folks. I’d be lying if I said I was anything but ecstatic to get 2019 and all my crazy ideas rolling, largely due to the amazing folks listed above.

Hoping you’re all excited as I am – and happy New Year!