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Social Media and the Community Spirit

We use social media to build a sense of community around our brand. For a small business to do this well, it’s important to get involved locally. Show your support for the local community, and open yourself up to possibilities of support from your community.

Here in Edmonton, we are a hockey community in the winter and all about art festivals in the summer. Of course, not everyone is a sports fan, nor is everyone into theatre. That’s okay!  Consider community events, activities you enjoy, or local charities. Show your support for other local businesses – especially those in your vicinity.

But how exactly can you show community spirit without being self-serving? The support has to be honest. Your motive has to be genuine. Your community is savvy, and will quickly pick up on whether or not you’re simply giving lip service for the sake of driving traffic to your door. It is a delicate balance.

Here are what some supportive comments and actions might look like:

“The rodeo is in town! We’re wearing our cowboy boots. Are you?”

“Are you going to the festival tonight? Come on by and say hello–we are staying open late.”

“Had a great brainstorming session with the guys at Adster over at the local cafe. Thanks for a great cuppa joe!”

“Support those in need. Bring in your used clothes. We will bring them to the Bissell Center.”

“We are so excited the Oil Kings won, we’re offering a 15% discount on _____ on game day.”

“Support the “shop local” movement! There’s a cash mob tonight at the  local bookstore!”

Another avenue is to rally behind your employees.  Employees, after all, are part of your community. Support their involvement — whether it’s a fund raising activity or simply a shout of support because they’re taking an important exam.

It doesn’t take much to show that you care for, or care about, what’s going on around you. It doesn’t take much to support the people who support you. It’s a positive reciprocal relationship; and a win-win way to market your brand.