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PPC Fridays: Google AdWords for Edmonton Small Businesses

In this day and age, it goes without saying that if your small business is not online then you are losing out. Edmonton small businesses are slowly beginning to realize the need to have a website and communicate their message to new and existing customers through the internet. It’s not enough to have a website though, you have to be accessible, and easily found on the web. One of the most powerful tools a small business can utilize for online marketing is Google Adwords. If you are unfamiliar with Google Adwords, allow me to give you a quick overview of what Google Adwords is and how it can help your small business be found online.

Google Adwords for Edmonton BusinessesGoogle offers a variety of advertising options, with Adwords being their primary method of delivering ads. Adwords uses a method known as Pay Per Click to display ads on Google search results. Pay Per Click mean exactly as it is named. Google charges advertisers for each click as opposed to per impression or some other means. If  an ad is displayed on Google using Adwords, and a Google user clicks on the ad, then the advertiser is charged for that click. Pay Per Click is a cost effective way to advertise on relevant searches performed on Google.

So whats the big deal about Adwords? Simply put, Google Adwords is probably one of the most powerful marketing methods ever created (sounds crazy, but it’s true) and here’s why. A person is in need of a particular service or product. Like many of us, he or she uses Google to find what they’re looking for. As an example, a person searches for a “plumber in Edmonton”, Google returns relevant results for the search and the user is exposed to ads that are for different plumbers in their area.

AdWords campaigns

Laser Target your Audience.

Now, here’s what makes Adwords such a critical component to online marketing for a small businesses. In the above example, a Google user has told Google exactly what they want, a plumber in Edmonton. For a local plumber, this would be a very good place to have your ad display. A person is actively looking for a plumber. This is just one example of how Adwords can be applied to just about any small business to effectively market themselves online.

Complete Control over your Campaigns.

In addition to the power of the active interest a user expresses when searching Google, Adwords is completely transparent, trackable, and customizable. The flexibility that Adwords allows, creates opportunities to make the most out of even a modest marketing budget. Google Adwords is completely transparent and you can see where your clicks are coming from at all time in addition to a variety of additional data which is valuable in its own right. Adwords is trackable meaning you can track which keywords work best for your small business and focus on what works, excluding what doesn’t work, and getting the most for your online marketing dollars. Finally Adwords is customizable meaning a campaign can be tailored specifically to your small business, whatever that business may be!

Any business owners that have a web site and are marketing online, needs to experience the benefits that Adwords has to offer. When it comes to small business internet marketing, Google Adwords offers small businesses the opportunity to be found online for the right kind of searches and connect with potential customers on a level that was previously unavailable.

If you’re not using Adwords to promote your small business online, to be frank, you’re not promoting your small business online.

Mike is a Google Adwords certified individual, a Bing accredited professional member, and all around PPC Guru. Mike assists the Adster PPC team with consulting, training and other goodies.