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PPC Advertising and Google Adwords for Small Business

Most business owners have heard about ‘Google Adwords’ in their online travels. But is PPC Advertising a good fit for your small business? If you need a fast, effective, targeted, and controllable way to put yourself in front of qualified prospects, then Pay-per-click may be exactly what you’re looking for. In this video, Dave introduces PPC and the Google Adwords platform

Video Transcription –

Hi there, Dave Forster with Adster Creative. In our last video we were talking about Search Engine Optimization and how the end goal with SEO was to place your website in the search engines in front of prospects and convert them into customers.

In today’s video we are going to talk about pay per click advertising. In pay per click advertising the goal is much the same as it is with SEO, we want to put your website in front of new prospects and convert them into customers, however the way we do that with PPC is a little bit different.

Now get ready for it – with pay per click advertising you only PAY if somebody CLICKS your ad. This is a pretty exciting concept because with pay per click advertising you bypass all of these organic results down here and you show up on the first page right up here at the top or maybe even along the side. The concept of pay per click advertising is very exciting and in my personal experience there really is no other advertising platform like Google AdWords where you can get this immediate result and powerful return on investment. Pay Per Click is literally the greatest thing to happen to online marketing that I’ve ever been witness to.

I’m not saying that because Google is taking us out and buying us drinks, or providing us with endless schwag and cool goodies. I’m not saying that because Google gives us 100 dollar free coupons to give to potential new customers. Ultimately – it’s not like Google is standing here with a gun pointed at my head telling you that AdWords is really the only choice when it comes to paid advertising online …

So, when we talk about Google AdWords – in all honesty I am a big of the AdWords platform. The reason why I am such a fan, especially when it comes to small and local business is 4 fold.

With Pay Per Click advertising the results are immediate. As soon as we build a campaign your Ads start running right away at the top of Google and only for particular keywords of your choosing and only to the audience you really want to be marketing to.

Number 2 which of course is targeting. Your ads are targeted to your potential customers and ONLY to your potential customers.

Number 3 – AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising is controllable. You set how much you want to pay per click and you decide how much you want to spend per day, or per week or per month.

Finally – Google AdWords and pay per click advertising is measurable. What we mean here, is that we can get into detailed analysis on these paid clicks that are coming into your website and we can gauge how effective the clicks are and if these clicks are converting into customers and which clicks we don’t maybe want to bid on.

When we talk about measurable website traffic we are of course talking about Analytics and ROI tracking and that of course is going to lead into our next video on an introduction to Website Analytics and ROI Tracking – we’ll see you back here soon.