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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketing Agency Professionals

We’re mere weeks into 2021 – the ink is still fresh on your new day planner, your online spin studio membership card is still hella crisp and you still haven’t had a single glass of wine after work! Now, while we wait for that all to unravel before your very eyes, let’s make some resolutions that can drip over into your professional life.

1. Practice what you preach

Are you a digital marketing agency but are guilty of the following things:

– Meta title of home page says “home”
– Your blog was last updated in 2018
– Your site is super duper slow on mobile

If you’re telling your clients to do it, you should do it too*. This goes for any industry!

*My great fear is that a fellow agency will read this and see that Adster is guilty of this in some way. If so, tell us because I can handle the truth.


2. Read more

While this is always a resolution for me in my personal life, there is so much to learn and read in our industry so – get to it y’all!

The Basics:

Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Land
PPC Hero
The Moz Blog


Ad Week’s digital content
Orbit Media
– Following industry experts on your fave social media – and really follow them! I’ve learned a lot from reading tweets but also looking at replies to tweets from people like Rand Fishkin and YEG’s own Dana DiTomaso. These smarty pants are followed by other smarty pants so it pays off to be a bit of a lurker.

Also, you get mad bonus points for reading something you know nothing about because yay! Now you know a little bit about it! Your baby brain is growing!

3. Try something new

This year we are experimenting with LinkedIn ads – for a client that requested it because they really wanted to try it and were getting actual conversions from organic LinkedIn traffic. I’ve never done this before, and Adster doesn’t really specialize in paid social media, although we do dabble. The client knows this and is fine with being our guinea pig – which is great! So last week as our team trickled into the office post-holidays, I got a LinkedIn campaign going for them! HOW FUN! It’s definitely a work in progress, and not everyone is going to have a client that will let them experiment with their money but find some way to try something you’ve never done before.


While I’m sure to re-read this blog in a few days over a glass of Malbec, I do feel like all of these items can be legitimately maintained for a whole year. Ideally – longer! Good luck!