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My Life at Adster

As I write this blog post, I am sitting at my desk which has been tastefully decorated with succulents and cute mugs, while the office pup Lando sits by my feet waiting for some love. I am in my third week with Adster, and to be honest, I never thought this was the career path I would end up taking, but here I am!

Two succulents in an office in Edmonton, AB.


How I Got Here

For my first job out of college, I wasn’t sure what to expect, all I knew is that I wanted a career in digital marketing. The idea to get into this field came about as I entered my last year of college, and further developed when I landed a job working as a digital marketer for a local business. I really started to love this industry when I realized just how much of a difference digital marketing could make, especially for small companies just starting out.

During my job search, I came across a lot of jobs claiming to be in the marketing field, only to find out that it was a sales position. I get that these two fields are intertwined, and you really can’t have one without the other, but a pure sales job wasn’t really what I was looking for. When I finally saw an ad for a digital marketing firm in Edmonton, that just happened to be Adster, I thought it was too good to be true. My many doubts were only proven wrong when I showed up to my interview and found it to be exactly as advertised!

A perfect angel dog in an office in Edmonton, AB

First three weeks

Now that I am three weeks in, I can honestly say that there is so much more to digital marketing than what I perceived it to be. My first two weeks were spent staring at a screen trying to digest an endless amount of information, all the while attempting to stay sane. When an interviewer tells you that the first few weeks of job training is a lot of reading, BELIEVE THEM.

Alas, I am now past the first two weeks and have finished the reading, and to my surprise, am still semi-sane. My Google Calendar, that I’ve set to be colored golden, just in case you care, is now full of meetings and shadowing dates with my lovely coworkers. If I’m being honest, I still don’t fully understand everything that’s going on in said meetings, but I suppose that’s what makes them learning opportunities!

So far in these three weeks, with the readings and meetings combined, I have already learned so much about this vast field. I’ve learned countless acronyms, and many new programs that seem to all do the same things, but are also totally different at the same time. I’ve learned that even though my commute should only take 30 minutes, I need to leave an hour before I want to start work because I don’t live in a small town anymore! I’ve learned that digital marketing is an ever-expanding field and that it has so many avenues to explore. Last, but most certainly not least, I’ve learned to NEVER leave writing a blog post until the last possible day, unless you like stress.

I am genuinely grateful to have the opportunity to learn from my coworkers, who have been so patient and kind with me these past few weeks. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are rooting for me to succeed, and who give their time to help further my personal and professional growth. Also, did I mention we have an office pup named Lando?

I am excited to continue to learn and grow and see where this path takes me! Thanks for reading!