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Is it Time to Grow Your Social Family?

In my blog post last week, I talked about how each member of the social family has different needs. I also touched on strategies you can use to keep them happy, and how to properly engage them. This is fantastic if you’ve already got the full family going for you, but how do you go about expanding your current network, beyond your main offerings?  What do you need to do? How should you set it up? Lets take a look and see!

The Flexible One

Twitter LogoLets say you want to hire someone to help you out and deal with customers, and you want a quick and easy solution for connecting with clients to solve basic service related questions. You should probably think seriously about adding good old Twitter. Now I mentioned Twitter in the last article too, however it’s such a flexible network in what you can use it for, that it’s worth stating again. It can do a lot of things and can be formed into a service forum, a how to guide, and so many other things.

If you haven’t considered Twitter for either customer support or simple connection – I highly recommend checking it out.

The Guy Who Knows Somebody Involved in Anything

LinkedinYour company is growing up and you’re looking for professionals to help you out and grow your experience. You’ve decided to try to connect through social networking and are trying to connect to as many people in your industry as possible. Probably the platform you’re gonna have the most success with is LinkedIn. Now the signup procedure for LinkedIn is a little more complex than most social networks in the sense that there are quite a few more steps to go through in order to create a complete profile. However, since everyone has to do this you get a listing of peoples skills, previous jobs and recommended connections all without actually interviewing anyone or asking for resume’s.

This is the guy that has connections in every industry on a professional basis – and he can hook you up.

Introducing: Baby Instagram

InstagramLet’s say your company is very much based off of the visual aspect of the kind of work you do and the best way to show that off is through photographs, say for car detailing, or interior design. In this situation, the baby to add to the family would be Instagram. I’ve seen this done well If you serve up high quality work, and you can see that through the photographs taken of the finished product, whatever it may be, it gives people something tangible and real. The possibility is there to gain customers, as they will start to ask things like, “Well how much does something like that cost,” or “How long would it take to get that done to my house”.

The baby network may be small but it’s a fantastic way to visually show the kind of work that your small business does.