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Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns: What You Need to Know!

One thing about online marketing and working with Google in particular is that you can never get comfortable with the current system. Almost like clockwork as soon as comfort starts to set in, rest assured, Google will change the game. The more adventurous people like Dave, who work on the SEO side of online marketing,  know that at any moment the landscape can change and what worked before will no longer work or worse, work against you. With Adwords, we are not quite as vulnerable to the ever changing current, but every now and again Google will change up the entire system and rewrite the rules. This has happened recently with the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns.

Adwords Enhanced CampaignsThe idea behind Adwords Enhanced Campaigns is to allow advertisers to more easily manage their Adwords campaigns across different devices, allowing for different targeting options based on what device a user is on. As you may or may not know, users have different intentions that are revealed based on what type of device they perform a search on. The intent and relevancy of a particular search will differ if a search is performed on a desktop or laptop versus a mobile device. With the continued rise of mobile devices, Enhanced Campaigns are focused on allowing Adwords advertisers an easier way to connect with searches performed on mobile devices. With this latest update to the Adwords system, Google has made it easier for the average advertiser to show ads that are more relevant for mobile device searches. Some may argue that Google is maybe a bit ahead of the times in putting such a focus on mobile devices and to some degree at the expense of non mobile searches. Unfortunately, Enhanced Campaigns are the reality and soon to be mandatory, like it or not.

Who are Enhanced Campaigns for?

For many Adwords advertisers an Enhanced Campaign could be a good idea, restaurants and local businesses for example could benefit from the added flexibility across different devices that Enhanced Campaigns offer. If you do not want or need your ads displaying on mobile devices though, Enhanced Campaigns could end up working against your goals. Individual advertisers will need to carefully consider the pros and cons that Enhanced Campaigns offer and determine if they are the right fit for each campaign.

Of course if you are an Adster client you dont have to worry about the changes brought by Enhanced Campaigns one bit, as the Adster team takes out the hassle that comes along with any changes in the online marketing world. Making your online marketing “just work” is what we do and regardless of what Google has planned for advertisers in the future, our clients rest easy knowing that we are on the cutting edge of strategies and tactics that produce the results our clients depend on!

Google Engage Connect Event with Adwords

(David Forster of Adster Creative and Bryan Smith of Bluetrain discussing Google Adwords on March 5th at a Google Engage Seminar)

Also … for those of you who missed it!

The Adster Team’s Google Engage Connect Event was a huge success. We had a great turn out, ate some delicious goodies and there were loads of great information presented by the ‘big shots’ at Google. If you were unable to attend the event, check out the live stream that was held here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRYnoWIgPJc