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Connecting with Clients: Effective Relationship Building via Online Presence

As any business owner knows, connecting with your client base is absolutely critical to running a successful company. Billions of dollars are invested every year to market, promote, and connect with potential customers, but the most crucial part of the process is often overlooked. A new generation of entrepreneurs has already started taking advantage of this, and they’ve created lean, efficient companies that can compete with the big dogs on a fraction of the budget.

Power of Online Relationship BuildingThe most important aspect of forming a connection with your clients is (drumroll please): establishing great relationships. Most big companies have a good product and the money to make sure their product is in your face at every turn.

For modern start-ups and small to medium sized businesses, a competitive advantage can be found in utilizing great relationship building strategies to capture market share and increase revenue.


In order for your business to connect with future clients, it has to be found by people interested in the product or service you provide. Most people find new businesses using search engines like Google or Bing, so a prominent online presence is a vital foundation for great customer relationships. If you don’t have an easily accessible, customer friendly and interactive web presence, you’re missing out on potential business.

Building relationships, the Adster way!

A relationship is an exchange of value, and the quality of the relationship increases as more value is offered. For someone using Google to look for a business, the most valuable thing is a business matching their exact needs. The more clearly and precisely you can communicate what it is you’re offering, the more likely you are to attract relevant leads, and the more value you will ultimately be able to offer.

SEO of the future … today, er … was it yesterday?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the method utilized to synchronize your company website with search terms being used by prospective clients. It’s the solution to the initial problem of getting highly targeted leads to your site, but it’s only half the battle. After a potential customer arrives at your company site, the first thing they see has to be relevant content and a clear objective.

You’re off to a good start if your site is well ranked in search engines and your company message is clear, concise, and easy to understand. You’ve made a great first impression, but that’s not enough. In the modern business arena, customers expect you to show them how you’ll provide an amazing experience before they commit.  The most cost efficient way of doing this is active engagement and authentic interaction.

Social media has shifted the balance of power by radically changing the way businesses interact with their customers. Now a business of any size can have access to client feedback, and create meaningful experiences through actively building relationships with the people who matter.  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – they’re all fantastic examples of social media being used for that very purpose.

The quick recap on using an online presence to build great customer relationships:

1) Make sure your company is being found by people who can benefit from what you have to offer. Create a targeted SEO campaign, like this one.

2) Create unique, relevant content, and streamline your company site so it’s easy to use and navigate. Every page should have a specific call to action which guides the client toward a purchase.

3) Take advantage of your company’s mobility. Build great customer relationships by responding quickly and having methods of contact that are easily available to your clients.