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Bringing Customers to Your Location with Adwords

With the changes to Adwords Enhanced Campaigns now mandatory, for many local Edmonton businesses, there have been many improvements that will help increase foot traffic to your business locations. Be it a store front or office, Adwords is now better suited to help customers find your physical business location.

So Who Searches?

Lets face it, in 2013 just about everyone searches a business out before making a visit and Adwords Enhanced campaigns caters heavily to the local business with a physical location. Here are a few examples of how Adwords Enhanced campaigns help local Edmonton business owners drive more customers to their location.

Location ExtensionsA home furnishings store in St. Albert, a dentist serving only Southwest Edmonton, or a therapist with multiple offices around Edmonton, all of these businesses are well suited to target relevant searches in their immediate area to increase calls and visits to their locations. Just about any business with a physical location that is looking to increase customer traffic can benefit with Adwords.

Spell It Out For Me

One of the most common searches that local businesses can benefit is the search for a business name where the intent of the search is to find the business address or phone number. Adwords can be a cost effective way to get this relevant information in front of customers. A simple targeted Adwords campaign can show your business address for searches taking place within a certain distance of your business allowing people who are actively looking for your location to easily find the information they need to get there and pay you a visit.

What could be better than showing your stores address to clients looking for directions when they are just a few kilometers from your location?

What About Calling?

A second option is with a Call Extension where your phone number is displayed right in your ad, putting the important contact information right into the ad saving you money because there is no Click while giving your customers the information they are searching for. Providing clients with the information they want at no cost, it doesn’t get much better than that.

With a locally targeted Adwords campaign and utilizing the variety of local targeting options to communicate important information, marketing your business to local clients has never been easier or more effective.

How Do I Get Started?

For the local Edmonton business with a physical location Adwords has transformed into a lean mean marketing machine that the savvy business owner uses to bring customers in through their doors. The team at Adster are experts in local Edmonton marketing for small business and Adwords is one of our favorite ways to get your phones ringing and customers to your location.