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Applying PPC Campaign Strategies to Your Tinder Game: Part 3

In this final post of the series, let’s talk conversions! In part one, you learned to apply your unique value proposition into a perfectly packaged Tinder profile and part two taught you to tweak your settings to only show more qualified potential matches. Can you now go crazy with the swiping and swipe during your bathroom breaks at work?


Profile Schedule and Optimal Hours of the Day to Swipe

We briefly mentioned that it might better to set your Tinder profile to undiscoverable if you don’t have the time to follow up and turn your matches into conversions.

Take a customer looking to get an appointment with a dentist. The customer searches for a dentist on Google, clicks on the ad that interests them, and proceeds to call the office. In scenario A, ads ran outside of office hours and the customer gets the answering machine. Dang! In scenario B, the receptionist picks up the phone, answers their questions about their services, and books them an appointment right away. Only in scenario B did the click actually result in a desirable outcome.

This scenario could also apply to Tinder. Let’s say your profile is set to discoverable 24 hours/day. Someone swipes right on your profile on Tuesday at 8 p.m., but you don’t open up Tinder to match with them until Thursday at 10 a.m. Staggered swiping potentially limits your ability to engage with your match effectively. If you had matched with them right away, you could have had a nice flowy conversation about each other’s profiles and scheduled a date by now! Instead, you may end up having to send messages back and forth with periods of time in between each message. If you can, it’s more effective to catch your match when they are most likely to be available to chat.

Nielsen recently did a study on the use of communication apps by the hour and determined that Tinder users are mostly active in the evening with usership peaking around 9 p.m. If you can time it this way, try and swipe when most users are on Tinder and engaged!


Final Thoughts

Armed with everything from your UVP to the optimal hours of the day to be swipe, your Tinder game is stronger than ever! But as with our own Adwords campaigns, there is always room for improvement – especially if you haven’t found that elusive Tinderfella/Tinderella.

At Adster, we’re constantly using data collected to improve our Adwords campaigns and dial them in. How can you apply this to your Tinder profile? Testing is a big part of what we do and something you can try out too. Here are some things to think about as you swipe over time:

  • Which main profile picture are people most likely to swipe for?
  • What profile photo or tidbit of information have people most asked about? (Likely, the picture or bio description is something great to keep for conversation starters.)
  • At what times of the day are you matching with people or are people sending you messages?

Ask yourself these questions in order to make adjustments to your Tinder profile and swiping habits as you see fit.

We hope this has been somewhat informative to our online marketers/daters out there. Thanks for following along with this series! You’ve got Tinder covered, but if you need help with your Adwords game, swipe right and contact us! We’d be happy to help. Do you have any other thoughts on ways Tinder is like Adwords? Let us know in the comments. Happy swiping!